1. sachsmart

    Firearms 6BR Curtis Valor Barreled Action-almost new (price drop)

    MPA built. Specs below: Action: Curtis Valor non QC- Right Hand Caliber: 6 BR 1:7.5 Barrel: 26" M24, 416 SS, Handlapped, threaded, cerakoted black Muzzle Break: MPA DN3 Less than 100 rounds. I only shot Lapua 90gr Factory ammo and it shot average 0.25 MOA. Trying to consolidate my builds...
  2. earthquake

    SOLD Lapua 6BR brass FS

    I have a large ziplock of once-fired Lapua 6BR, all same lot. Probably 300+ pcs. (I'll confirm/count later) $270 shipped flat-rate CONUS. Zelle or check/MO. Thanks!
  3. Evorg73

    SOLD MPA Curtis Barreled Action for sale

    Masterpiece Arms 6BR Curtis Barreled Action, spare complete bolt assembly with firing pin. Fired Est 2600 rounds , For Sale was $950 drop to $800 Description: The MPA Axiom barreled action includes a Curtis Action with an MPA Hand lapped, Hand Chambered Match Grade Barrel. Weight: 7 lbs...
  4. J

    Savage 6BR build and performance at local 300 yd benchrest matches

    Hi All, I’ve enjoyed reading lots of great posts in this forum and have finally decided to post something for the first time. It’s a pretty long story of how my new Savage target rifle did at my gun club’s (Niagara Sportsmen’s Association) 300 yard benchrest matches. I've always been interested...
  5. S

    6br tips

    hello all, the more a read about the 6br the more i think i will love it, so i'm going to build one (my first build unitl now only factory). For not spend too much i wanted use an howa 1500 SA (one-piece machined receiver and bolt)and a oryx or ess chassis. I want to use a cut-rifled barrel...
  6. Kimber.204

    WTB old 6BR brass for dummy rounds

    Hello, I'm looking for 5 - 10 pcs of 6mm BR brass that I can make dummy rounds with. It can be new or used/worn out. I just need it to be able to hold a bullet and run through the action. Let me know what you have, Thanks. Ross
  7. S

    Accessories MDT Short Action 6mm Dasher / BR Magazine

    MDT Short Action 6mm Dasher / BR Magazine-BRAND NEW, Never been fired or dry fired with. $150 for both, shipping included. $80 each. MDT 6mm Dasher AICS-pattern metal magazines are manufactured from high strength steel, Nitride-finished and coated with Cerakote Elite for ultimate durability...
  8. S

    6BR neck separation

    Hello everyone, looking for advise regarding neck separation. These are the specifics: -Lapua Brass, 27 inch barrel -3-4 firings, no annealing -Overall length grew by 2-3 thou, no trimming -30.5 gr of shooters world precision pushing 105s at 2860(barrel sped up after last match) Running one...
  9. S

    Tuning MDT 6BR Mags

    Looking for recommendations how tune MDT 6br mags. Bought 2 mags and both not functioning properly. Every 7/8 round nose dives when either running the bolt or doing it by hand. impact action and mpa chassis. If you had a similar issue and fixed pls let me know how. Thank you
  10. VaderRubiconJK

    Accessories Trade Pending MDT 10rd BR Mag for Accurate 223

    Looking to trade one as new MDT 10rd BR aics mag, used a couple times at the bench, will come in original packaging, for a 10rd Accurate 223 aics compatible mag. Pics available by request. Thanks. Trade pending 1/22/21
  11. Krob95

    Firearms WTS Impact 737r 6BR AIAX TT Diamond 2 stage

    Entertaining the thought of selling my Impact in 6BR. Has roughly 1500 rounds down the pipe and on the action. Barrel is a 27” Kreiger 1/7.5tw HV with 5/8x24tpi and chambered by Keystone Accuracy in PA and is painted flat black. (Not the worlds best spray job but there’s no over spray on the...
  12. skulldragr17

    Reloading Equipment SOLD

    402 pieces total 351x once fired, cleaned 51x new and primed with BR4 All same lot $300 shipped No Trades
  13. skulldragr17

    Reloading Equipment Whidden 6BR FL Bushing Sizer

    6mm BR Click Adjust Full Length Bushing Sizer -Comes with Benchrite .2650” carbide bushing $105 shipped No trades
  14. skulldragr17

    Reloading Equipment Wilson 6BR Seater Die

    LE Wilson Stainless Steel Bullet Seater Die with Micrometer Adjustment Has not been used much. $100 shipped. No trades.
  15. skulldragr17


    Impact 6BR barreled action 29” Cerakote Black Heathen Brake Rd Count: 450 Comes with 50rds of loaded ammo in virgin brass. (No trigger included) 26” 6xc barrel with Rd Count of 225 Blasted finish Also comes with Heathen $2,250 shipped for all or $1,800 for barreled action and ammo. Please send...
  16. D

    McWhorter Custom 6BR

    Just wanting to let you guys see my newest build. Stiller Predator 24" #4 Fluted Hart barrel 1-8" twist McMillan swirl in Remington Sporter Jewell Trigger Talley lightweight rings Gun is alot of fun to shoot and scary accurate. Tim McWhorter and Allan Rovig build some great guns Ive owned...
  17. S

    6BR VS 30BR

    Which one of these chamberings are the most inherently accurate? I am looking to put together something for 100 yards club matches (group shooting) and also use it for varmint for score matches. The 6BR would be easier, but i already have a few 6mm chamberings. The 30BR sounds pretty good, but i...
  18. S

    Gunsmithing what mag system?? rem 700 6BR??

    What would be the best magazine system for a remington 700 short action, if i were to chamber the barrel for a 6br?? I didnt know if one type would work a little better than another? thanks Lee
  19. S

    6BR ??

    two parts here. First off, Will the 6BR feed from a rem 700 internal box magazine? Secondly, If i choose to go with an AICS magazine set up, is there anyone that can alter the magazine for 6BR for hire? I know it can be done. I just dont want to do it myself. Lee
  20. S

    I am thinking 6BR!!

    I think i am going to let Robert Snyder build me a 6BR for my next rifle. I have always wanted one. I cant seem to find any brass though? I am also hung up on what kind of stock to put it in. I was hoping some of you fellas that have a 6BR on a rem 700 could post some pics of your rigs, so i...