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    6BR ??

    two parts here. First off, Will the 6BR feed from a rem 700 internal box magazine? Secondly, If i choose to go with an AICS magazine set up, is there anyone that can alter the magazine for 6BR for hire? I know it can be done. I just dont want to do it myself. Lee
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    I am thinking 6BR!!

    I think i am going to let Robert Snyder build me a 6BR for my next rifle. I have always wanted one. I cant seem to find any brass though? I am also hung up on what kind of stock to put it in. I was hoping some of you fellas that have a 6BR on a rem 700 could post some pics of your rigs, so i...
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    Gunsmithing Tikka rebarrel to a 6br??? Magazine???

    I have my wheels turning for a medium weight tactical rifle build. I want to go with a Manners t3 stock and either a Howa or Tikka action. I want to do a 6br. If i go with the tikka will i be able to use the tikka Magazines on the Manners stock and will the 6BR feed from the tikka magazine? If...