1. S

    Suppressors 762-SD vs. SCAR-H SD

    Anyone own or have experience with the two? POI shift of the two? Is the miter system cost effective (worth extra)? Major Malfunction looks promising as far as a dealer. Thanks in advance.
  2. Captain Moroni

    Suppressors aac 7.62-SD WTF? Now I got pics up

    ok I have a new AAC muzzle brake for a 7.62-sd the ratchet doesnt engage it seats before it gets that far also when you look at it from a top view it is canted off to the right. what is wrong here? I am going to contact AAC but I thought I would get a faster better answer here
  3. srv656s

    GAP - Badger M2008 - McSwirly Stock - AAC 762SD

    I got my dream rifle put together by GAP recently and I'm in love with her. Specs: .308 Win Badger M2008 Action 22" Bartlein Barrel 1 in 10 twist M5 Bottom metal Jewell Trigger McMillan A5 stock with KMW loggerhead cheekpiece AAC Blackout flash suppressor AAC 762SD suppressor Nightforce NXS...
  4. mtm87tx

    Suppressors who has a AAC 762SD on a bolt gun?

    let me see you flash hider mounted on your bolt gun guys, starting the paperwork on my new 762SD
  5. mtm87tx

    Suppressors Buying a AAC 762sd as my multi caliber silencer

    Im looking to run a 762SD on everything from M1A's, AR10s, 308 and smaller bolt guns and AR15s and Ak47s. its my understanding that this is the AAC can to do this with and ive done my research on this however my concern is baffle strikes using my AR15 and AK47.. i have a armory inc bulgarian...