1. O

    Accessories Sig mcx lower adapter

    Sig mcx lower adapter used to turn any ar15 lower into a lower for an mcx upper with the sig mcx trigger. $80 paypal shipped for the adapter and trigger.
  2. O

    Sig folding knuckle

    Like new sig folding knuckle with buffer tube. $100 paypal shipped.
  3. C

    ACIS AX Stock for Remington 5-R .308 come with a detatchable magazine adapter?

    I bought a remington 5r .308. Get it in 5 days. I also ordered a ACIS AX Stock for .308. No I want to add a detachable magazine to it. Does the ACIS AX chassis come with the magazine adapter or is that something else I need to buy? If so, any suggestions? Also, must I purchase ACIS AX...
  4. Southbreeze

    Gunsmithing How to mount a Gem-Tech Halo Can on multiple threaded 1/2-28 hosts?

    I know, I know and I know.....But for arguments sake, if we were going to do something that was based on sound engineering principle; not some Liability Attorneys best idea. What could we do? Background info, I have a halo that I really enjoy, but it's only mountable on A2 flashhiders...
  5. S

    Rifle Scopes PVS 14 Day Optic Adapter Has anyone had any experience with ^^^^^ or suggest any other Day scope attachment that you have used and liked any suggestions are greatly appreciated... looking to attach it to a Leupy Mk4 40mm thanks in advance
  6. B

    30 caliber adapter

    anyone ever used one of these: I ordered one to try, if it works it will make a easy way for subsonic loads for the non-reloaders. I was just wondering about rifle damage and accuracy.
  7. W

    Gunsmithing M1A thread adapter for can

    Anyone know a man that can help me maybe thread a phantom flash hider to 5/8X24 to turn it into an adapter for an m1a, or something similar? Obliged, WYK
  8. 300sniper

    Gunsmithing surefire adapter installation?

    i need to know the recommended specs for installing a surefire suppressor adapter (MB762SSAL/RE). the instructions that come with it are no help. i sent an email to surefire for clarification and due to the response i got, i don't trust them. they tried to tell me that "The MB762SSAL/RE is...
  9. C

    Suppressors Thread Adapter link?

    I've seen this on the board before but I can't get it in search... Who makes thread adapters? Specifically, I'm looking for 5/8-24 (barrel) to AI metric (suppressor). Thanks, Steve
  10. M

    Gunsmithing 40x bipod adapter

    was wondering if anyone knows where i could find a bipod adapter for a standard 40x rail found a couple but don't know for sure if theyll fit thanks adam
  11. 8

    Gunsmithing Sako TRG bipod adapter alternative

    I was needing some kind of a adapter to use Harris bipods on my Sako TRG's without paying more. I still wanted to use the factory sling attachment so I could adjust it in the track of the stock. The factory sling stud hole diameter is still to large to lock up to, so I went to the hardware...
  12. paulholcomb

    Rifle Scopes Swarovski 10x42 bino tripod adapter

    does anyone know where I can get the tripod adapter to connect my Swarovski binos to a tripod? They have a tapped hole in the front of the binos:
  13. T

    Suppressors Surefire adapter on Remington XCR

    Does anyone have any pics of one? Thanks in advance.
  14. J

    M1A Guys- which Harris Bipod adapter do I want ?

    Gentlemen, I saw a guy at the range today shooting a synthetic stocked standard M1A with a Harris Bipod mounted ahead of the sling plate[ making use of the 'drainage' hole in the bottom of the stock]. I asked him who made it, he replied Harris and I subsequently found two Harris bipod adapters...
  15. corrigidor

    Suppressors Surefire suppressor adapter compatibility

    Can I use a Surefire 762SS .308 can on a 556 Surefire suppressor adapter? I don't want to have to turn the barrel down to accept a .308 adapter and use the 308 can on an SPR. Core