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  1. 3

    Rifle Scopes NXS parallax adj?

    The benchrest's are rated from 25 yards to infinity, what are the side focus NXS models rated? Do they focus down to 25 yard too?
  2. J

    Rifle Scopes New Mark4 60015 doesn't have 65MOA elevation adj.

    I have a new Leupold Mark 4 60015 and I was shooting today. I had it zeroed before... didn't think anything of it wanted to adjust the POI down and I was stopped. I was only able to turn it 1 click down. I can turn it 47 MOA up and that is it. WTF???
  3. J

    AICS 1.5 VS Mcmillan A5 adj.

    Is there a difference in accuracy between a custom build being done on an AICS vs. an A5? Or is the difference ergonomics and end user preference? Thanks, Jack
  4. P

    AICS 1.5 Stock adj. Cheek ??'s an Barrel contour?

    Will they AICS accept a barrel contour that would ne .950" at the muzzle ?? build is a 6.5x47 L also does it have an adjustable cheep piece ??? I would befitting it to a suregon short action. cheers Paul.
  5. pickpick

    Gunsmithing browning a-bolt trigger adj?

    I just acquired a browning a-bolt stalker in 7mm rem mag. Is there a way to lighten the trigger pull on one? I have done a half dozen remmys, but have no experience with a browning.
  6. Highground

    Gunsmithing Trigger Adj. Screw Locking Compound

    After adjusting the trigger weight adjustment screw on a Remington trigger(in my case an XMark)what are some locking compounds that can be used on that screw? It has been mentioned here in other posts to use nail polish. Are they talking about the bright red crap that my wife has in her cosmetic...