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Gunsmithing browning a-bolt trigger adj?


Full Member
Jan 25, 2008
I just acquired a browning a-bolt stalker in 7mm rem mag. Is there a way to lighten the trigger pull on one? I have done a half dozen remmys, but have no experience with a browning.
Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?

Here's a quote from another site (pardon the spelling)

Remove the trigger guard and you will see a set screw. one way stiffens the pull and if you turn it the other way it will loosten it.
Use a snap cap ou a spent round in the chamber if you are loostenning (lightenning) the pull. once you have it set to the desired pull smack the but of the gun on the floor to make sure the trigger is not set to light, and DOSE NOT GO OFF. If you can get or borrow a trigger scale it would be better.
Hope this helps. And happy shooting.

Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?

Or you can just get the Timmney (spelling?) spring kit. A 3# spring and 2# spring for around $25 for both. They work great and are easy to install. Both springs are usually a bit less than rated.
Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?

I got the Timney spring kit and the lighter spring made the trigger really nice. Much better than without.
Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?

The spring kit works nice, mine ended up about 3.5lbs going that route. If you are comfortable with it you can also polish up the surfaces which will help as well.

I thought someone (rifle basix, jard, jewel, timey, etc.) was doing a replacement trigger kit for the a-bolt but I might be wrong and frankly with the spring kit and a little buffing it doesn't need anything else.
Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?

I cut 1 coil off the trigger spring on my A-bolt to lighten the trigger. I couldn't get the pull I wanted with it adjusted as light as it would go. Its very nice now.
Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?


There is an aftermarket trigger for the a-bolt. However, I don't think it is made by any of the manufacturers ToddM listed. I will see if I can find it.

Also, I have to give a +1 for the Timney springs. I installed the 2# in my 7mm stainless stalker and the 3# in my dad's a-bolt. Vastly improved the trigger on two guns for $25!
Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?

Replace the spring with a spring out of a bic ball-point pen.= Awsome!!!
Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?

Thanks fellas. I tried to find a direct replacement for it, and couldn't. I appreciate all of the help, I now have two browning rifles and hate the trigger on both. I got them at a heck of a price so I felt like I "had to have them, like they were calling out to me":)
Re: browning a-bolt trigger adj?

I cut 1 3/4 round out of my Eclipse in 22-250. I was not able to keep enough sear engagment when trying to adjust by turning the factory screw. My is now set at 1 lb 14 oz. and is super crisp.