1. A

    Gunsmithing Steyr Scout trigger adjustment

    Anyone ever adjusted the factory trigger on a Steyr Scout rifle? Unlike in the user manual this guy claims it can be done. Steyr Scout Tips and Tricks Nice little hunting rifle, but I would love to be able to shave a few kilos of the triggerpull.
  2. R

    How do you adjust decapper in redding competition

    I bought a set of competition dies used, no instructions. The ones with the micrometer neck sizer. How do you adjust the decapper length for varying neck sizing depths? My S dies have a lock nut to hold the decapper at a certain depth. As do all my other dies. The competion just screws the...
  3. one shot ST

    Adjust muzzle velocity for powder temperature..

    The following has been copied from a tip in the ballistic software Precision shooter workbench 4.. "In general, muzzle velocity will increase with increasing powder temperature and decrease as the powder temperature decreases. The "per degree" change of velocity depends upon a number of...
  4. I

    sako trg 42 bipod-can you adjust the tilt/tension

    my sako trg 42 bipod has alot of play in terms of side to side tilt/angle movement-its quite loose. the allyn screw and bolt are tightened fully. does anyone know how to tighten this or if it can be tightened? [the way you can do with some of the harris bipods?]thanks
  5. dar1246

    Gunsmithing 40X Triggers how to adjust

    I pick up a 308 today with a 40x trigger. Can someone post how to adjust the trigger? I have adjusted the standard remmy triggers and the x pro triggers. I have never mess with these. Thanks