1. H

    noise of Aguila 38gr HP vs. 40gr solid

    Has anyone compared the perceived noise of the Aguila 38 grain hollow-points vs. the Aguila 40 grain solids when run through a suppressor? I was shooting the 38gr HP's this weekend and was very happy with the level of sound (through an SWR Spectre) and when I ran out of those I switched to...
  2. wjwill

    Aguila Super Colibri Penetration test.

    It all started when I was in the shout box asking for advise on shooting feral cats in the backyard. Chuff, JLM, and Salmonaxe told me the quietest 22lr ammo is the Super Colibri. So I ordered 500 rounds of it and decided to do a penetration test with it. The round has no powder at all and fires...
  3. nsnutter

    Aguila SSS ammunition

    Purchased a box of Aguila Sniper Subsonic 60 grain ammunition today ... shot 10 rounds through my friends Remington 597 today at an 8" target at 200 yards today. Wind roughly 10mph full value. Atttempting to resight his Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x40mm scope after reattaching it to his weapon, hit...