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  1. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD: Annealeez Case Annealing Machine

    I use the wheels for 6.5 Creedmoor, so they'll work for .223 up to .308 I believe. I'm switching calibers and my new, smaller case won't work in this one. I love the thing and it's so nice to load up 75+ cartridges and just let them go. Anyway, the wheels have some wear on them but it still...
  2. B

    Annealeez Aluminum Wheels

    Hi All. I'm considering manufacturing and selling machined aluminum wheels for the annealeez annealer. I'm making this post to gauge interest/demand to determine if the job will be worth running. How many of you would be interested or know someone who would be interested in purchasing a set. I'm...
  3. S

    Weird lines and colours when annealing

    Hello, I am very new to annealing brass, and I wanted to get some advice on why I get weird lines and color patches on my brass necks. I'm using 308 Remington brass and annealing using the drill + socket method using a torch. I believe I'm not over-annealing the brass and am stopping just...
  4. J

    Specific Annealing Question -- Can you "over-anneal"

    I am purchasing a Bench Source machine, and just reading through the setup instructions and had a question for all you annealers out there. The scenario I am imagining goes something like this: 1) Trying to set up the machine to so ~650 - ~700 degree at the shoulder is achieved 2) Use 650...
  5. rduckwor

    Lapua versus Norma Brass

    Some time ago, I bought some .308 Norma Match because I wanted the brass and someone had a decent price on it. Shot very well, puts FGMM to shame. Anyway, processing some 1 X shot brass today and I noticed that the Norma has no visible trace of being annealed. The Lapua, of course, does...
  6. shoot4fun

    Annealing Brass

    Looking for your methods/ideas for annealing brass. I have read that 7WSM should be annealed after a few firings to keep neck tension consistent. Also, I have a 17 Ackley Hornet that brass needs annealed after fire forming.
  7. D

    Range Report Annealing and Velocity Change

    I tried my hand at annealing yesterday and I think it turned out pretty good. I had some 6.5-284 brass that had been reloaded 7 times and I had started getting a few split necks so I figured what the heck, the cases weren't going to be any good anyway. Went to range today and I picked up 30 fps...
  8. Triggerhappy

    Annealing brass????????????

    Does anyone anneal their brass? I have tried it on some older 308 brass that has been fired 6 times and was getting brittle. I tried the pan method and did not like it. Then I tried putting the torch in a vice and using my cordless drill to turn the brass in a socket adapter in the flame. It...
  9. Raven 6

    Case Annealing Machine Plans

    I would like to build one of these machines to anneal .308 and .300 Win Mag brass. Does anyone have plans and drawings to build one of these.
  10. H

    Unexplainable high neck tension after annealing

    I'm a at loss of words to what I experienced yesterday while reloading. I was reloading some 175 SMKs in Lapua .308 brass yesterday when I experienced some unusually high neck tension. This was with Lapua brass that had been shot 6x and I had just annealed the brass using the Hornady annealing...
  11. BgBmBoo

    Anybody annealing their brass?

    Anyone here annealing their brass? Looks easy enough and seems like it will prolong the useful life of the brass. Input wanted. Take care,Stan
  12. kyle

    Economics of Annealing

    I have 800+/- pieces of Lapua .308 brass that have just completd their 2nd firing. I'm running very warm loads so AT BEST I figure I only have 2 more firings before the necks will need to be annealed. Ken Light machine runs about $400. Add in shipping, torches, heat sensitive paint, all of the...
  13. Wheres-Waldo

    Does annealing reduce neck tension?

    I just finished annealing my entire lot of cases after their 3rd firing. I tumbled, then annealed, then did my brass prep as if the cases were straight off the range. Neck tention was still set at .002" but felt like next to no tension at all when seating the bullets. Things will work-harden...
  14. Steve in Allentown PA

    BRASS-O-MATIC versus BC 1000 annealing machine

    The advantages of automating the annealing process seem obvious to me so for some time I've been thinking about getting one of these annealing macines. The Ken Light machine was the first one I became aware of and after lots of contemplation I was close to plunking my money down for one...
  15. I

    Annealing Machine

    I designed and built this towards the end of last year. I took my general design from two different machines they had on the 6mmBR web site, then added several Jay upgrades. My main game is shooting 1000yd F-Class open. As of late I have been getting into practical tactical precision...