1. Smokin7s

    SOLD Giessele 11.5 inch ddc SD

    I’m selling my low round count (40 rounds) super duty, simply because I want a sage edition. It has two nicks in the forearm you wouldn’t notice if I hadn’t pointed them out. They’re pictured, comes with 3 prong dead air keymo. It doesn’t come with my light or scope/mount obviously. Comes with...
  2. mhgray5

    SOLD SLR B-15 16" Rifle .223 Wylde

    Rifle will be disassembled and sold as individual parts at a later date. 16" AR-15, parts listed below. The rifle was built properly by a certified armorer under a class 2 SOT. The suppressor is not included. SLR B-15 matched upper and lower receiver. This is NOT the ambidextrous lower. SLR...
  3. Shifty17

    Dream AR Build.......Loading 98%

    This build has been a slow burn over the last almost 4 years, starting in late 2017. Has taken a lot of patience and a lot of foresight, two things that I have never been particularly good with. Going to give some context to the story behind this rifle before I dive into the build and the...
  4. jonsc

    SOLD WTS 18” 223 upper Odin works

    Sold Odin works 18” 223 Wylde 1 in 8 barrel DMR profile, rifle length gas. Has 15.5” M-loc handaurd and comes with bipod mount and Atlas 5 comp. This upper shoots very soft and runs flawlessly. It liked the hornady 55 gr handloads I ran through it. Most groups were sub MOA. I put 200-300 rounds...
  5. F

    White Oak SDM vs McGowen fluted HBAR vs ?

    So I'm putting together a precision-ish AR with decent components (SSA-E, captured buffer spring, Radian stuff, Brownells MPO 3-18) and I need a good 223 Wylde barrel to replace the factory leftover placeholder barrel. I'm looking for 16"-18" (leaning toward 16 as it'll ultimately be suppressed...
  6. Engine 22

    SOLD Colt AR-15 Competition Target HBAR

    I have a like new, fired very little Colt. This rifle is as it comes from the factory with a 20” 1:9 twist heavy, free floated barrel. I believe this is a mid 90s rifle. The rifle is equipped with a removable weight in the stock for balance, factory 10 round mag, match trigger(extremely nice...
  7. S

    Looking for a specific AR-15 barrel

    I may build an AR-15 and may want the following barrel: * Wylde * 1:7 (8 would be acceptable as well) * 18" * Heavy * Mid-length * Spiral fluted * Stainless (black would be 2nd choice) I've only found so...
  8. grassy knoll

    SOLD Midwest Industries 15” Handguard G4M15

    Midwest Industries 15” Handguard. #MI-G4M15. Brand new, never opened. Same as it came from the factory. $165 shipped. No trades.
  9. LongRangeAggie

    Accessories LaRue 13.2" LAT Handguard

    Like new LaRue 13.2" handguard. I bought this and installed it on my AR but my gas block wouldn't fit under it. $120, buyer pays shipping.

    Firearms WTS Colt AR-15

    Making room in the gun safe and have an all original Colt HBAR. I think it’s around 1996 manufactured date. Selling just the complete rifle itself. 20” heavy barrel 1:7 twist in 5.56. Rifle shoots accurately and is fun to use with the iron sights. Any questions feel free to ask. I was the...
  11. M

    Firearms Custom Hera CQR Aero Precision AR-15

    Brand new Aero Precision multi-cal AR-15 with HERA arms CQR stock, foregrip, M-LOK handguard. 14.5 in with pinned and welded Surefire Warcomp. Comes with Magpul MBUS sights, Vortex Sparc II, Blueforce Gear Vicker’s Limited Edition Ranger Green Sling, 4x Hera 5.56 magazines, BCM bolt carrier...
  12. M

    Newbie from Ohio

    Hello, my name is Jim, 52 yrs old. I am new to the AR-15 world. (30 years ago, I use to eat, sleep and $%IT... with an M16A2) I just bought this AR-15 from an estate sale. Could someone help me figure out if it is 223 or 5.56. (I don't want to Load 5.56 if it's a 223 upper) It is a Bushmaster...
  13. POGPride

    Accessories Sold. 20” heavy AR-15 barrel 5.56

    Extremely accurate Windham weaponry (formerly Bushmaster) 20” heavy Varmint barrel 1:8 twist, stainless, fluted, .750 gas with rifle length gas system. Includes matched bolt about 1000 rounds on it. Sells for $340 new $250 shipped CONUS Description from website. This superbly accurate VEX...
  14. B

    Rifle Scopes Scope for Mammoth Sniper Challenge Secondary Rifle (.223)

    Hi Y'all, I'm new to precision rifles but fairly proficient with pistol/carbine shooting. I'm hoping to tackle the Mammoth Sniper Challenge in 2021 with a buddy with similar experience. To that end, I'm looking to pick up a new scope for my AR chambered in .223 as the secondary rifle for our...
  15. Draco877

    6.5 Grendal AR-15 build help

    Trying to help a buddy build an AR-15 in 6.5 Grendal leaving out the buttstock, pistol grip and handguard, which he wants to get his hands on to feel some different ones first before deciding, I am wanting some parts suggestions. He also wants to do it on the cheaper side. Some of my parts ideas...
  16. Das Capitolin

    AR-15 Shooters: Short-Range Match on Saturday 7/12 (Reno)

    On Saturday 7/12 the Palomino Valley Gun Club with hold it's only walking varmint match of the year. This event is ideal for AR-15, AK, or small caliber bolt action rifles. Match details are available here: Walking Varmint Silhouette Set-up begins at 7:30AM on the Silhouette Range, and shooters...
  17. L

    New AR-15 Build- Barrel suggestions

    Not sure if this thread is in the correct category, so correct me if I'm wrong. I'm starting a new AR-15 build and I wanted a few suggestions on a barrel. I currently have a 16" AR but now I'm looking for more of a long range rifle for hunting and the range. I'm thinking a 20" 1-8 or 1-9 twist...
  18. R

    Which Krieger Match Barrel for AR-15?

    My current barrel (Mark Chanlynn) is starting to shoot inconsistently after 3,500 rounds, so I'm having my riflesmith order a new Krieger barrel. He tells me that Krieger offers two AR-15 match barrels: One with a diameter of .920 ahead of the gas block, and one with a diameter of .812". The...
  19. B

    Front sight for an AR-15

    I have a new Colt CR-6724 which is their accurized AR-15 with a 24” stainless steel barrel. Although a scope looks nice on it, I would like to put open sights on it and remove the scope. I talked to Colt and they advised to find a front sight that you can drill and tap. I have gone to several...
  20. mrgreentie

    2013 Noveske Rifleworks US Carbine Association National Championship (2 Gun)

    The first ever USCA National Championship is confirmed: The 2013 Noveske Rifleworks USCA National Championship. 2 Gun (Rifle and Pistol) The match will be in Florida Nov.15th - 17th. 250+ shooters over 9-stages. ROs shoot on the 15th. Shooters will shoot 5-stages on Saturday, the 16th...