1. B

    Which sub $3k 50 BMG?

    In March '14 I'll be purchasing my first 50 cal rifle. My budget will be around $3k for the rifle (not including Optics). From the research I've done it looks like the AR 50 is the most recommended starter rifle for those looking for accuracy without the need for a lighter weight rifle...
  2. Outlaw45

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce on AR-50

    I just mounted a Nightforce NSX 8-32x56 on my Armalite AR-50. The gun came with the 15 MOA rail. After getting it all mounted up I used the Leupold bore sighter to get it bore sighted. To get it bore sighted I needed about 3 revolutions and when it was even with the bore sight it was maxed...
  3. JRose

    Range Report In a pinch, need AR50 dope!!!

    I'm going to take the AR50 to a friends house, and have a few rounds of Talon blue tip AP (linked ammo). Does anyone have some round about dope for an AR50 using this, or similar surp ammo? I won't have time to chrono any of it before I go... Jason
  4. veezer

    Photos AR50 copperhead

    Just finished duracoating this one for a buddy of mine.
  5. P

    Barrett 99 vs AR-50

    Hello I am going to buy one of these guns there both used and around the same price but if you had a choice which would you buy and why? Im leaning toward the Barrett right now but the AR-50 is a monster of a gun thanks
  6. Outlaw45

    New Armalite AR-50 owner

    Just got my hands on a new AR-50. What bipod do you guys recomended? To shoot 1000 to 1500 yards, how many MOA do I need in a scope? It has a 15 MOA base. Am I ok with a Leupold 6.5-20LR 30mm? Also I need a case. I'd like one that I don't have to remove the butt stock. Most likely a...
  7. JRose

    Rifle Scopes AR-50 owners.... Ring question.

    I tried to mount my Falcon Menace scope on my AR-50 and noticed a problem... With the cheek rest all the way down, it still had my head too high for the scope using Badger Max50 (standard) rings... Has anyone else noticed this problem? I know the easy fix is just put taller rings on it, but the...