1. M

    SOLD Zermatt Arms Origin SA .308 standard boltface action (New version)

    For Sale: A Zermatt Arms (Fomerly known as "Bighorn") Origin short action. .308 standard bolt face, Tac bolt knob. Bolt has controlled round feed and a mechanical ejector. This is the newest nitrided stainless steel action (as opposed to the earlier carbon steel Origin actions). Recoil lug...
  2. U

    Bighorn Origin SA / MDT LSS xl …. Bolt handle contact

    I’m putting together my first “build”….. really just a parts assembly . But I’m running into a problem. I have a Bighorn origin SA barreled action with Triggertech diamond trigger and I’m trying to install it into an MDT LSS XL gen 2 chassis. The bolt handle shank is hitting the chassis and...
  3. no#impact

    Firearms Tl3 6.5 Creedmoor barrel

    6.5 Creedmoor Hawk hill 26", 5/8x24, 1:8, for TL3, with about 150 through it. Spun up by Radix Precision in Omaha Nebraska asking $750 barrel Or best offer moved to a carbon fiber barrel and don't have a need for this one. Thanks
  4. Safety_3rd

    Firearms Dlc bighorn TL3 6.5 Creed BA, w/ 224 bolt, Two stage TT flat

    Dlc tl3 with bolt and 6.5 Creed threaded BA from Mpa. Shoots legit .3 MOA 5 shot groups with 140 eldm handloads. 41.7 gr h4350 mild load. A little synthetic grease on the bolt but I can clean it off if you'd like for pictures. Silencerco break not included but will include thread protector...
  5. S

    SOLD WTS Bighorn TL3 Action SA RH 308BF $1,100

    Selling a right hand short action Bighorn/Zermatt TL3, black nitride finish and competition handle. The action is new and never had a barrel installed, the 308 bolt face is used coming from one of my other bighorns when I did a cartridge swap. $1,100
  6. E

    SOLD FS/T: Bighorn TL3, PVA, 260 Remington ($400 shipped)

    For sale or trade: $400 shipped M24 Contour 26" length 5/8x24 threads Button rifling 1:8 Twist 142 rounds logged (RL16 under a 130 Hybrid or 123 BTHP) Trades: -Ckye-pod, left side knob, standard legs, arca mount -6 Creedmoor, 223 Wylde, 300 WSM, TL3 pre-fit with a low round count (my barrel +...
  7. I

    SOLD SOLD Bighorn 28 Nosler Manners EH1 Bartlein

    Selling my practically brand new 28 Nosler. Only 76 total rounds fired which included the barrel break in and initial load development with 2 different bullets (195gr Berger EOL and 180gr Hornady ELD-M). All work was done by the well-known gunsmith, Caleb Morris @ Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool...
  8. Kimber.204

    Firearms Bighorn TL3 SA - SOLD

    SOLD Selling Bighorn TL3 Short Action, Standard Bolt Face, AICS action. Purchased new in Dec 2019. Has less than 1200 rounds through it. Just doing some house keeping and selling to fund an SR3 action for a hunting rifle with BDL bottom metal. Action in perfect condition....just don't use...
  9. C

    Accessories **SOLD** Rem700SA MPA chassis

    I’m selling my MPA BA competition chassis. Fits Rem700SA RH and clones. I’m missing one set screw for the cheek riser but other than that, the chassis is in perfect condition. Asking $800 shipped to your door.
  10. Z

    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    Introducing the RimX action from Zermatt Arms. - Remington 700 Footprint - Integral Recoil Lug - Nitrided, chromoly reciever - Nitrided bolt body - DLC Coated Bolt Head - Non-protruding, fixed extractor - 6 o'clock firing pin - Tool-less bolt disassembly - Interchangeable...
  11. Christoph

    Firearms Sold

  12. Kimber.204

    WTS: Bighorn Origin, SA

    I just picked up a short action Bighorn Origin and decided to go a different route. The action is used, but in good shape. It currently has a magnum bolt face, but I have other bolt faces available as well. $775 - shipped CONUS to your FFL (must receive from an individual) with one (1) bolt...
  13. no#impact


    6xc Redding Type S Match Bushing 2-Die Set with bushing. asking $225 shipped. Feel free to message me and I can text you pictures. For some reason my phone isn't allowing me to post pictures. thanks
  14. Kimber.204

    SOLD - Foundation Genesis Stock

    I have a Foundation Genesis Stock that I bought to try out and while I love it, it doesn't fit my needs as well as I wish it did. I am the second owner of this stock. I believe that it was originally inletted for a Defiance, but the previous owner used a dremel to open up the recoil lug area...
  15. Glassaholic

    Brand New Mark Chanylnn, Bighorn 7mm RSAUM Build

    Goal: To build a LR tactical/hunting rifle that could be easily carried in the Rocky Mountains The fun specs: • Bighorn TL2 SA RH action with magnum boltface and picatinny rail • Timney 510 trigger set at 2lb • Surgeon SA bottom metal (to be used with Alpha Type 3/4 WSM magazines) • Manners...
  16. lowlight

    Rifle Raffle to help a Colorado Member.

    Help Out a Colorado Flood Victim One of our fellow members, ScottyD, lost his home, car, wife’s business to the floods here in Colorado. Like so many Estes Park residents, they did not have flood insurance. Their home was outside of a 500yr flood plane. A couple fellow Colorado members...
  17. S

    7-300 Win Bighorn Action

    Had some time to start doing some load development for the new 7-300 win i had built. I think the gun turned out great. I will see how it holds up against my 7wsm,and 7saum. Really liking it so far. Ran into a few problems with the build. I sent it out with a Schneider cyro barrel, came back...