1. F

    .308 win 175smk 20" 2650fps Powder Charge?

    Howdy all, Im looking to push a 175gr SMK to 2650fps out of a 20" Remington 700 short action so my ACSS Apollo BDC is accurate past 800yds. Bit of an ask out of an 20" I know but i believe its doable. My question is has anyone produced loads that replicate the performance I'm looking for...
  2. S

    223 Rem reloading advice

    Hello, I'm looking to get some advice on making my groups tighter for my 223 reloads. I'm fairly new to reloading and recently tested out some loads using BL-C(2). I loaded 55 rounds starting from the starting load in my reloading book and working my way up to the highest load. I started off...
  3. P

    Midway has 8lb jugs of BLC-(2) in stock - 4/29/09

    go get it: 8lb. jug of BLC-(2) now, where is my Varget? cheers, psywar
  4. dj70

    Std .308 M1A Load BLC-2 147grn fmjbt Winchester

    .308 62 deg - elevation 1220' - no crono. distance 109 paces, damn close to 109 yds. peep sights, front sand bag rest, rear bag with cross arm adjustment. Brass, LC Match, fl sized w/ sb dies, CCI 34 primers, OAL 2.8" 47.5 gr shot the best with a vertical spread on about 2.5" and a 1.5" width...
  5. B

    loads for BL(C)-2

    I looked through the load data for .308 and only found a couple loads using BL(C)2. I just ordered 8lb of it since the other stuff is hard to get. I have some Sierra 150 gamekings and 155 SMK and 175SMK. Any secrets from the pro's?
  6. L

    blc-2 in 308 gas gun

    Does anyone here have experience with blc-2 in a 308 gas gun?
  7. L

    Blc2 powder for 308

    Any members using Blc-2 powder in their 308 rifles? Any recommended loads for semi auto using 155 Scenars? TIA, Lance