1. Endless_Soup

    Firearms Tikka T3x CTR .308

    Looking to sell this lightly used Tikka T3x CTR in 308. About 60 rounds through it. I really haven't gotten it out to stretch its legs unfortunately, and I'm looking to fund an LMT MWS Project. Comes with the original 10rd magazine. Ships from my FFL to yours... it's already with my FFL, so I...
  2. 7D273AD3-D327-44F0-92E4-13E277E0CDE2.jpeg


    Broken firing Pin
  3. Billiam1211

    SOLD [SOLD] WTS JP Enterprises 308 High Pressure Enhanced Bolt [SOLD]

    Brand new JP Enterprises High Pressure Enhanced Bolt for large frame cartridges (308 / 260 / 6.5 Creedmoor). Brand new, never fired. Purchased for a build I was working on, but ended up having the gunsmith provide his own bolt and headspace it to the barrel. Purchased new from JP direct. This...
  4. Y

    Firearms GAP GLADIUS 700.**SOLD**.

    Selling for a fiend. I am in possession of the rifle and will vouch for its quality. He is that friend that buys nice things and does not use them. Purchased in 2015ish. Gladius on 700 action built to spec. 308. Does have a surefire Socom muzzle brake rather than the old style. I zeroed the...
  5. slickalaus12

    T1x Action Smooth

    Hey Guys, First off I am new to the site, and fairly new to guns in general, so please forgive my lack of terminology. I recently purchased a T1x after already owning a t3. The action on the t3 is very smooth, the bolt will slide back with the slightest tilt of the gun. Purchasing the T1x I am a...
  6. foolsgold

    AR-31 Armalite Bipod mount question

    Hello fellow bolt action people. I have gotten my first long range bolt action rifle. It is the New version AR-31 from Armalite. I want to put a bipod on it, and I am having a bitch of a time. I cannot for the life of me figure out what screws mate up to this. Not to mention they seem HUGE...
  7. Z

    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    Introducing the RimX action from Zermatt Arms. - Remington 700 Footprint - Integral Recoil Lug - Nitrided, chromoly reciever - Nitrided bolt body - DLC Coated Bolt Head - Non-protruding, fixed extractor - 6 o'clock firing pin - Tool-less bolt disassembly - Interchangeable...
  8. ImTheSouthpaw

    6x45 or 6.5 Creedmoor

    I'm interested in purchasing my first bolt action rifle. I have it narrowed down to the factory rifle (Savage B10 Stealth Left Hand). I am debating between choosing my first chambering: 6x45 rebarrel or 6.5 Creedmoor. I could get the .223 and rebarrel with a Shilen pre-fit chambered for 6x45 or...
  9. 4

    6.5mm Creedmoor vs 6.5mmx47 vs .260 Rem

    I am planning on shooting 1000 yard competitions in the future so this will be my first long range rifle. I reload all my own rounds so that will not be issue. I can't decide to go with the 6.5mm Creed or the 6.5x47mm Lapua or .260 Rem. Please make this decision easier. I am leaning toward the...
  10. JaysonF

    A few things I learned while working on my Savage bolt

    I have been doing a lot of dry fire on my rifle and I noticed that the extractor wasn't working well on the "A-zoom" .308 Win snap caps. I haven't had a chance to take it to the range yet so testing it with live ammo hasn't been an option. I did some research and found that a lot of people...
  11. S

    Thompson Center Dimension

    Got a new Dimension in 7mm08, I know its not a long range caliber or sniper rifle by any means, but I need some advice. When I first got it the bolt was incredibly stiff, not the action but just cocking it. Once you got it cocked it was nice and smooth but it just about took two guys and a mule...
  12. kujo1016

    Gunsmithing HELP!! Bolt seems to stick

    Hi all, just recently got a new Rem 700 sps tactical. The bolt seems to stick when loading a round, I have noticed that the bolt seems to be pretty "dry' looking, as in not lubed at all? wondering if anyone has had this problem, and what the fix was, OR if anyone has any idea on how to...
  13. S

    Gunsmithing Remington Bolt question.

    I've got a .223 action just sitting around. I'm going to put a 300wsm barrel on it. Now, about the bolt. Can it be turned to accommodate the larger case? Will I need a new extractor or a new bolt? Thanks.
  14. R

    260 Remington in Bolt guns.

    Well I finally pulled the trigger and bought a Sako model 85 in 260 Remington. Yeah, I know, it's not ubber tacticool, but it's a starting point. I got a good deal on it and it has a hair under 23" of barrel in 1/8 twist. I found a couple boxes of ammo online and got the glass close...
  15. BigBrother

    Why a removed bolt?

    Hey all, just a practical question- I've seen in a number of shots of people's cases that they remove the bolt when the gun is in storage or closed up. Why? Thanks, BB
  16. Stringer

    Gunsmithing M700 squirming bolt

    When I dryfire my 700 on an empty chamber, the bolt moves forward about 0.020". It seems like the sear and firing pin mechanism pull the bolt rearward. The large 0.020 (measured with feeler gauges) concerns me. When I put a dummy round in the chamber and dryfire, the bolt twists slightly...
  17. 11ZuluB4

    Gunsmithing Bolt Face

    Got a rookie question for you all. I was looking at new 700 actions on Gunbroker and found one that did not have a caliber listing. All it said was that it had a standard bolt face. Is there a standard that a lot of them come in (head size) or am I looking too deap into that?
  18. Big Dog Steel

    Bolt knob install

    I had a local machinist do a bolt knob install for me tonight. He did an awesome job. I think I have him convinced to start offering this as a service to everyone else. We are talking about producing our own parts and knobs. They have several 3d cnc machines as well as cnc lathes...
  19. bbsj

    AR vs. Bolt

    I was looking for a varmit round and with all the advice from hide I will go with the .243. Now do I go with AR style are Bolt action and why? Thanks in advance.
  20. R

    Rem 700 bolt / firing pin problems

    First post here guys, but i have been learning from you all for some time. I went out shooting today after about 6 shots i noticed a little smoke coming from the end of the bolt nearest my face. i pulled the spent brass and found this the hole in the primmer was real tight and round i took a...