1. T

    Texas Brigade armory

    Has anyone bought a M40A1 from Texas brigade armory? I want to buy one for my dad. I would like the setup complete with scope etc.
  2. Jimmy2Times

    Anyone here done business w/ Texas Brigade Armory?

    Ok, let me first say I've searched the archives and only found 1 thread about TBA, so if this question comes up a lot and I missed it, I apologize. I want to place an order with TBA for a USMC M40A3 rifle. The only thread I found was from a member here who was quoted a few months for a .22 M40...
  3. mackdrvr

    Texas Brigade Armory

    They look like they do a very good M 40 A1 clone. Does anyone have any pros and cons about them? Do they do all their machining, and or fitting in their shop, or do they outsource their work? Thanks in advance. P.S. How do they compare to the GAP M 40 A1 clones?