1. benchmstr

    v bull dbm for a savage...

    anybody got a link to purchase one? bench
  2. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing Missouri Breaks Bull Elk Permit....drew it!!

    Going to start scouting this weekend....cant wait for October!!!
  3. 500grains

    I built a Rock River bull barrel gun recently.

    Here is a sample target (note I wrote 2008 but the correct year is 2009. Oops.) Parts: RRA upper, lower, LPK, YHM forearm, JP gas block, RRA 20" 1-8 barrel.
  4. S

    Maggie’s Pit Bull to a good home Central Florida

    A few months ago my inlaws found this little guy wandering around their place. We've tried to find his owners; posted flyers, craigslist, the local newspapers, drove around several towns and went door to door, you name it and we've tried it, but no luck. I've already got 4 dogs in a fairly...
  5. galil4x4

    M40 SS Bull Bbl Question

    Hello, New to the forums. I had an M40 .308 with stainless steel bull barrel many years ago and sold it, regretfully. I have the original wooden stock and am wanting to get it back together again. My question is: where can I buy another SS barrel w/Rem 700 action? It is going to be a...
  6. S

    Anyone tried Dixie Consolidated bull pup?

    It is a stock replacement for a ruger 10/22. I want to make a .22 bull pup, and the only two I have seen are Dixie Consolidated and Muzzelite. The Muzzelite looks really cheap and not worth it. The Dixie looks pretty solid. Anyone own or used the Dixie stock? Any suggestions that I missed...
  7. P

    Howa 1500 24" bull barrel. Pete Lincoln

    Hi Pete, I asked you if it was possible to get a Howa action from you... (24" bull barrel) as there is no such for sale in Denmark... Whats the price on that... I would be happy for a responce..Just a price!!! Regards.. Palle
  8. S

    Looking for good 10/22 Bull Barrel

    Converting a 10/22 and need an accurized bull barrel - I had a trigger job done - other then that it's stock - I'm a lefty - also need a stock (prefer abmi) - wouldn't even mind some used pieces (can't post yet as I just joined and have to have 51 posts b4 I can do a WTB) any help suggestions...