1. P

    Got my AR15, now what?!

    Hey all, I just invested in my first AR15. It's pretty standard, normal handguards and all. So what should I do now in terms of parts? My first instinct was to get a red dot that will get me on the paper at the range, but now I'm looking for the fun stuff. I think I'd like to start with a new...
  2. wnroscoe

    Gunsmithing Bushmaster BA50

    Anyone ever work on one of the Bushmaster BA50 Rifles, rebarrel??
  3. Brushout

    Bushmaster .308 bolt actions

    Does anyone have any experience with the Bushmaster Custom Shop .308 bolt actions? My dealer has one in stock and the price is about $1800. There is VERY little info on here or on the web in general about them. Just checking for some info. Claims on the website that they will hold 1moa at...
  4. W

    .223 load recommendations for H335 in Bushmaster

    I am going to load for a Prairie Dog extermination trip in 3 weeks & want re-use my once fired brass, mostly Hornady, some BHA. I'm going to use 50g Vmax bullets, CCI BR4 primers ( or Fed 205M). In the past Hornady factory ammo w 50g Vmaxes has shot amazing groups from my 24" Bushmaster...
  5. S

    Bushmaster gas piston AR

    Hi Hide members, I know many of you guys are AR experts. I have researched the superior aspects of a piston AR rifle vs gas AR rifle. I know now Bushmaster makes a piston version of the AR. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding this AR version? Particularly, can I put this...
  6. chris223

    Gunsmithing trigger 4 bushmaster bullpup

    heres a stupid question my father in law owns a bushmaster bullpup in 223 and it has got what has to be the worst trigger in the world does anyone know of a replacement option on said rifle ive already ckd brownells and bushmaster they have no such animal/any ideas would be great. besides the...
  7. jdel

    Bushmaster bolt gun

    I know I have seen these before, I think it was here. It was a Bushmaster bolt action in a Mcmill stock. It was in a link with some Bushy AR rifles and at the bottom of the page there were 2 diferent rifles. Pretty much the same rifle just diferent colors. I know I wasn't drinking but has...
  8. F

    bushmaster or cmmg which one??????????

    if you had your choice which one would you buy thanks