1. C

    Spotters Help Select a Spotting Scope for my Birthday

    Ladies and Gentlemen: My birthday is around the corner and the wife has agreed to get me a new spotting scope. Only drawback is it's got to come from Cabela's (I've cashed in several rewards/points, etc. to get her $450 in Cabela's gift cards to offset the costs) and no more than $450-500 out...
  2. X

    Show me your pelican!!!

    Hopefully this can just be a fun spot to show off your gun case setup and give other people ideas on what to do with theirs... Whether you have a top of the line Pelican case, or the flimsy black case your gun came in (like me ;) ), be proud of your setup and post a picture of your case!
  3. JCH

    Magtech Small Rifle Primers in stock at Cabelas

    Just bought 5000 get em while you can 800-237-4444
  4. N

    My primers came off back order form Cabelas.

    ...But not in a good way. I have had these on order since April 22. I have seen plenty of Cabelas backorder posts with small shreds of optimism. My optimism is gone. Dear Customer, We regret to inform you that we are still unable to supply the merchandise you requested and now find it...
  5. J

    .308 Winchester Brass in stock at Cabelas

    500ct Winchester .308 Brass Just thought I would let you know. If I wasn't still working on 600 Black Hills Match I would be all over it.
  6. lordt313

    Cabelas has 1# RE-15 in stock

    Just bought 3 -Taylor Cabelas Powder
  7. R

    308 Winchester Brass at Cabelas online!

    Just in case anyone is trying to locate Winchester brass, Cabelas has got some right now. I just ordered some 308 for $38/100,and $169/500!
  8. USMCj

    Cabelas has Lapua .308 brass and Win 7WSM brass!

    Get some!
  9. T

    Fieldcraft Cabelas TCS Ghillie suit

    hey guys i got a question about this suit for a stater is it worth spending money on.
  10. T

    Cabelas has Varget

    1 pounders in stock @21.99
  11. O

    Cabelas Lapua brass

    Cabelas has Lapua 308 brass in stock at $58 and some change. When I ordered mine yesterday they said they still had approximately 8k left. Thought I would pass it along.
  12. L


    Look now for the goods. THey're turning out CCI BR2's, R15, IMR 3031 and Rem brass within 2 days.
  13. O

    Cabelas has CCI 200's

    I see online today Cabelas has restocked CCI 200 primers. Still no 400's. Happy shopping.