1. P

    Rifle Scopes 2 NXS's 2 Calibers What's Best Match ?

    Folks just wanting more expert opinions than mine; I have 2 NXS's 5.5-22x50 MLR/MIL adj. 5.5-22x56 Mildot/MIL adj. The 2 rifles I am having built are a 6.5x47 and a .338 Norma Mag. Is one of the above scopes better suited to one of these calibers in your opinion ? My initial thoughts are...
  2. N

    Gunsmithing Bolt face calibers, a quick question

    Hi, If I were interested in rebarreling a Remington 700, what other calibers will fit a 308 bolt face? Im guessing I could use 22-250 or 243 with that bolt face, but what others am I not thinking of? Thanks guys Short actions only
  3. Mag 300

    what 3 calibers cover 0 to 1600 meters??

    I am looking at consolidating to three " yup only three" Calibers for shooting 308 in a m-21 and a Gap rock " shoots .25 moa" 6cm tubb 2000 this is a great 1000 yd cartridge with 115 dtacs 338 lapua for the stretch have to get an AWM or Make one so will be selling a PAI in 7 WSM Custom 300...
  4. glock24

    What frickin' calibers can I get a Tikka T3?

    I'm shopping Tikka T3 Varmints or Super Varmints in 260 Remington or 270 WSM. The Tikka website lists these calibers as options, but a visit to my local gun shop was another story. My guy is telling me the Tikka Varmints are only available in 204, 223, or 22-250. What is the deal? Is my...
  5. S

    Tikka T3 varmit importing for other calibers?

    A few threads lately on the T3s. Seems there is an interest in the varmit model, but it's only imported in a few calibers right now. Does anyone know what it would take to get more calibers imported? Can you special order something like this? Anyone connected to Berreta that can answer what...
  6. stephenmaturin

    Calibers sound

    Some could tell me a table or something similar with the sound in db that produce each caliber. I know that depends on some other factors like barrel, powder, break or others but some aprox. Thank you.