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  1. Bolt Thrower

    Accessories Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount

    Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount, Extended, Anodized Black - $55 shipped 30 mm tube, 1.5" high, 0 cant, 3.27oz The mount is in great condition. I only used it a couple times.
  2. R

    SOLD Sphur - 5016 Cantilever Scope Mount

    Ring Size - 35 MM Height - 38 MM/1.5” 0 MOA Original packaging. Includes Sphur scope leveling tool. Barley used. Mount sold “as is.” $299, CONUS buyers only, Payment via Venmo. Seller will pay shipping and insurance.
  3. T

    Accessories Scalarworks Leap/08 30mm 1.54” | Kick/02 mount

    275 Scalarworks Leap/08 30mm 1.54” 75 Kick/02 mount 325 package deal. All in excellent condition with all parts and original boxes.
  4. aroddc3

    Accessories 30MM Warne QD Cantilever Mount (Used)

    Used. Light marks. 30 MM. Great for flat-top mounts. As good as ADM mounts. QDXSKEL30TW QD XSKEL 30mm Black $155 shipped flat-rate USPS box. Let me know of any questions - thanks!
  5. G

    Are cantilever mounts worth it?

    I'm wanting to mount a Steiner Military scope on a 6.5 Grendel AR rig with a full barrel length Picatinny rail. So I'm needing a high rail 34mm mount (>1.14 inches). I've only used scope rings in the past but cantilever mounts with QD promise easy on/off while holding zero if mounted in the same...
  6. J

    DBAL A3 Cantilever Mount?

    I have been building out a NV setup on a Noveske Gen 4 Shorty and wanted to see if anyone knows of a replacement for the OEM DBAL A3 QD mount that would allow the laser to be cantilevered slightly forward over the end of the handguard? I am running suppressed 100% of the time on this build so...
  7. lead ƒarmer

    Optics SOLD - Brand new ZRODelta DLOC-M4 cantilever 34mm scope mount

    SOLD I've got a brand new, never used scope mount for sale. It is a cantilever ZRODelta DLOC 34mm mount that is 1.5 high. Asking $175 shipped. https://www.mountsplus.com/zrodelta-m4-34mm-quick-release-scope-mount.html
  8. lead ƒarmer

    Optics Warne goodies: LR-SKEL 34mm scope mount, 45 degree mount, Skyline scope level/data card holder

    Got some brand new, unused, gear from Warne. First up is a LR-SKEL lightweight cantilever scope mount. It has 20 MOA of slope and 34mm rings in tactical grey color. I'll also throw in a new Warne 25 in/lb torque wrench. $90 shipped for the pair. SOLD Next up I've got two brand new Warne 45...
  9. E

    Rifle Scopes Bobro dual lever Mount as a dedicated Mount

    Hello all, I just received my JP LRP-07 and am looking for a mount for my Bushnell XRS. This will be a dedicated scope to this rifle and consequently I was initially looking for a bolt-on mount; but I have heard so many good things about Bobro lever mounts I was wondering if I would be losing...
  10. Six Feet Under

    Rifle Scopes Best QD/cantilever mount for bolt gun? w/35mm rings

    All, I am going to be running a vortex razor on two different rifles. Both are remington 700's. I would like to just have one optic, know my zero for both rifles and run a QD.. Can you guys point me in the right direction for a good one? I called PRI about their gator grip but they do not...