1. USMCj

    So the wife bought me a CED M2...............

    I sold my Shooting Chrony Gamma Master with printer combo here on the hide to fund another project, and I had mentioned to my wife I wanted to try a M2 when I was ready to buy another Chrony in a couple of months. Well Fedex came today with a brand new M2 from Grafs.com. She said that she didnt...
  2. T

    CED M2 Chrony??

    One was just delivered to my door. Looks like a piece of cheap crap. Are they any good??
  3. 19Scout77

    CED M2 In Stock???

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a vendor who has the CED m2 chrono in stock? TIA.
  4. newguru

    Is the CED M2 Chronograph the best choice now?

    Obviously, if Oehler's were available new, I would have that at the top of the list. Being that they don't manufacture them anymore, is the CED M2 Chronograph the best of what's currently being made? I'm not interested in getting raped for $600 or whatever they are currently going for used on...