1. Tactical30

    Rifle Scopes Night vision optic choosing

    What is a good night vision optic that you could mount in front of a regular day optic that I could purchase under $1,000? I checked all at ATN and I would love to have the PVS-22 but the money, Damn!
  2. A

    Rifle Scopes Help choosing Base and Rings

    I have a Savage 10 fcp-k in .308 and I recently got a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x40 Mil. Dot Ret. I was wondering what rings and what base you guys would suggest. The rilfe is going to be shot at 100 and build up my skills to shoot at 600+
  3. onpointgun

    Help with choosing an AR

    I am trying to choose between to different AR's I am looking for the one everyone thinks will be more accurate. I already own rifle #2 I just haven't fired it yet. And I have a good deal found on the SR15 if I sale mine I could get the SR15 for $300 or so. Rifle #1 Knight's SR15 Match Rifle #2...
  4. tumbler

    Rifle Scopes need help choosing rings

    I've got a 10x50 wonder optics scope with a 30mm tube that I want to mount on a 10/22. The rifle has a Warne Maxima 2-Piece Steel Weaver-Style Scope Base like this one: I don't want to spend an awful lot of money cause, well it's a 10/22, it doesn't need the beefiest/best rings out there...
  5. M

    Lefthanded choosing a bolt gun?

    I've read and understand the arguments about a LH using a RH bolt gun when shooting prone, but that it becomes problematic for positional shooting. I can see the advantages on both sides of the table however when the question gets asked "What are you planning on doing with it?" I can say that I...