1. Jedi

    Chop or Not

    Since i started shooting my X47 308 is just gathering dust mostly coz x47 is so much easier to shoot kinda like cheating. 308 best suited to light 155 bullets n lets face the bc still sucs compared to 6, 6.5, 7mm bullets. So in order to have a more usable rig as x47 is a match rifle. So...
  2. K

    Gunsmithing to chop or not to chop

    ive been wanting to do a short rifle for a while now with the possiblitly of a can, i just had an epihany i have a stainless 308 barrel for my encore that i used to shoot the daylights out of and it shot great and my reciever is tricked with bellm parts so im thinkin about choppin it down to...
  3. E

    Benelli M4, stock chop, complete.

    Many I have heard dislike the fact that the Benelli M4 stock has a long LOP. It's made for chipmanzee's I suppose. But, for some regualr shaped folks and those wearing armor, it snags, and to pull the gun consciously forward eats seconds away. So I started a thread on how I started to chop the...