1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD sold

    Bought this from another member and haven’t used it. Cleaning out my bench area so hopefully someone can give it a good home. Comes with original box, Bluetooth link, and tripod with case. $95 shipped conus And yes, I know the sunshades are on the wrong way 😆 Crosslisted
  2. Dr. Davy Jones


    Hi gents, I don’t currently have a way to chrono my loads and am prepping for my first comp next month. Would anyone be willing to rent me a V3 for a weekend? I have great feedback on here and would be willing to pay a deposit worth the chrono that could be refunded after its return to you, in...
  3. Frgood

    Asking for review of my LR development program.

    My range is opening up a new 900 yd. range. Prior to this we only had 300 yds. available with occasional access to a 1000 yd. So, in anticipation and as a LR newbie, I'd like to share my plan as I've been able to figure out and would like to get feedback on if it is reasonable. With each rifle...
  4. G

    Accessories Magnetospeed v3, ARC 36mm, Vortex 30mm, ACOG

    Trijicon ACOG ECOS Dual Illumination w/RMR never mounted on a rifle - $1400 reduced to $1300 shipped. Will entertain trades up or down... Magnetospeed v3 As new in box - $300 - SOLD...
  5. ammolytics

    Detailed Comparison of the LabRadar, MagnetoSpeed, and Two-Box chronographs

    Hey SH! Wow, this one was a lot of work but it's finally here! If you've ever wondered how these chronographs stack up to one another, or want to drown yourself in data this weekend, then I've got an article for you. For this test...
  6. Hateca

    Second installment *Chrono numbers*

    The second installment. This is serial number 002 from Phoenix Machine. Like serial number 001 this action is specifically machined to use the AI AW mag but will also use the AICS mag. This action utilized a one piece bolt and handle with re-designed cam and timing. Glen is working on serial...
  7. G

    Range Report Need chrono info for AI AW(P) and M118LR

    Has anyone ever chronographed the M118LR out of a 24" Arctic Warfare? A muzzle velocity would be great
  8. dirkreader

    Pact Professional chrono XP

    Does anyone here know how to upload data from the Pact Professional chronograph into a laptop? I have the cable and the can hook it up but the users manual is rather quiet on this topic.
  9. Hateca

    Range Report 18" barrel and chrono numbers *Final test*

    Here is an update from this post Went to the range today to get chrono numbers out of the 18” barrel. I used only factory ammo, Federal 168 match, and BH 175 match. I didn’t really set out to shoot groups, set out just get numbers so...
  10. Hateca

    New test rifle, *update with chrono numbers*

    What you’re looking at is a test bed rifle that has been in the works for a little while. This is the first one to be built to see how it would function. The main reason for the test was to see if AI AW double stack mags would work reliable with a custom ordered action with no changes to the...
  11. thumper49802

    Chrono purchase and primers

    Well, its time for me to get a chronograph, im ponying up the cash for it. Also i noticed my primers like to get a little ridge around the pin hole, is this cause for concern? Dane
  12. D

    Range Report Chrono 50 BMG

    Has anyone at this site done this? What is the safe distance from the muzzle so you don't "blast" the sensor out permanently? I am thinking of about 10 - 15 feet. Stick is Barrett 99. Thanks for your help.
  13. M

    chrono needed?

    why would someone need a chrono? if they use load data provided by engineers smarter than thou then their loads should be safe. if you actually shoot long range, you will have populated a data book with field proven info at the range increments fired. the velocity is not important if the ammo is...