1. Pogo57

    Forester Collet Bullet Puller

    I picked up one at a gun show but it had no instructions and getting it to work seems more like luck than anything else. What's the proper way to set one up? TIA
  2. S

    Lee Collet Dies?

    I am going to try the Lee Collet Die for my new 7mm08 I am having built. I here so many good things about the ammunition these dies will put out but I never hear much about them on here? Is there something Im not hearing about them that I should know? I know they are not the top of the line...
  3. B

    lee collet neck sizer

    Anybody use the collet neck sizer die? I tried one out last night and I had to fiddle with it a lot to get the neck tension tight enough to hold a bullet without being able to pull it out by hand, even though they measured the same as my FL sized brass which I believe is .305 ID.
  4. Jedi

    Lee collet die??

    How good is it?? Heard tell utilizing this eliminates need for neck turning as mandrel ensures even thickness thru out neck? Concept here is avoid neck turning Two step neck size Collet first to even out neck thickness and initial reduction then follow with redding bushin die to ensure correct...
  5. springer01

    .308 lapua brass and Lee collet neck die

    I just purchased some new .308 lapua brass I was going to run it through my Lee collet neck sizer because some of the cases are dinged around the case mouth. As I started I noticed when the case hits the decap mandrel it sticks and gets rough, some very bad I even smashed the neck of one then I...