Forester Collet Bullet Puller


Jul 3, 2009
Redmond, Wa
I picked up one at a gun show but it had no instructions and getting it to work seems more like luck than anything else.

What's the proper way to set one up?


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Gunny Sergeant
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Dec 19, 2007
Cora, Wyoming
Re: Forester Collet Bullet Puller

You may have a collet issue. You gotta have the collet that will work for the bullet diameter you intend to pull. (one that works with a .17 probably won't with a .50) Just screw it in the press with the correct collet inserted and they will pull anything including GI lacquered and crimped ball. They do beat up the bullets a bit, so I prefer the RCBS one (inertial, looks like a hammer) for "regular ammo", (like the 20 270s I had to tear down because CCI pistol and rifle primers come in the same color box and the lettering is so small.... well you get the picture.)

You can reach Wilson at 404 Pioneer Ave. - PO Box 324 - Cashmere, WA 98815
Phone: 509-782-1328 - Fax: 509-782-7200 but I don't even see the puller in their current website

RCBS puller


Gunny Sergeant
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Jul 4, 2003
WA the everblue state
Re: Forester Collet Bullet Puller

I have the Forster collet, RCBS collet, Hornady collet, and impact pullers.

There are no set up tricks that I am aware.
Each bullet gets treated differently in the collet, per how tight you squeezed the collet onto the bullet.

You can put pin gauges in the collet die to use as precise neck expanding or powder compressing mandrels. That is a trick, I guess.