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  1. Jimmy2Times

    Gunsmithing Bedding job cost, ballpark figure?

    Can any of you guys give me an idea of what a bedding job might cost if done by a gunsmith? It looks like I may be out of options and have no choice but to bed these rifles myself. Not really looking forward to that. If my stocks have a full aluminum bedding block (B&C A2 Medalist) do they...
  2. xNF_9

    Cost of Blueprinting?

    What would be the cost of blueprinting a remington 700 police? Also I would like to get mine trued also. What would that cost too?
  3. C

    Cost of LTR's?

    What is going on here? I'm looking to get back into the long range game and a bit of re-loading and would like to pick up an LTR. When I sold my last rifle built up by R&D LTR's were six-seven hundred dollars, now I see used ones going for 800? What exactly happened? The economy? I'm a little...
  4. S

    McMillan cost

    Just to make sure I'm reading their website right I wanted to check with those that have been there, done that. I'm looking at an A3 or A5 stock with adjustable cheekpiece, light fill. I'd have them inlet it for a Seekins BM and be using a TAC30 action. I would not have them do the bedding...
  5. rweldon

    Gunsmithing What does pistol rebluing usually cost?

    I want to have one of my revolvers reblued, it needs little metal prep. What should I expect to pay and where should I be looking to have this done. It's a Colt Python...I don't think Colt's Custom Shop does this service any longer.
  6. 9

    Gunsmithing Is having your bolt customized worth the cost?

    GAP is working on my first CUSTOM boltgun (or atleast they have my components and will be starting soon) that will mainly be used for F-TR class matches. So far I'm having them blueprint my 700 .308 action and pillar bed it into my McMillan A5 stock. They'll also be installing a #9 contour x 28"...
  7. S

    Rifle Scopes Is Front Focal worth the cost difference???

    This is similar to another topic that is active right now but I didn't want to step on it. Is the cost difference worth it? Example: I just happen to be looking at picking up a Leupold Mk4 6.5-20x50 M1. This scope is going for $1250.00. The front focal version of this scope is going for...