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    Hunting & Fishing Please school me on over the counter cow elk tags

    In New Mexico, Colorado. Firearms only! A huge family commitment has ended, so I am finally free to do some hunting....Is it too late to get a cow elk tag over the counter? I (as of now) am looking just for a meat hunt. Any tips, suggestions, referrals, ect, would be <span style="font-style...
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    Rifle Scopes Counter Sniper Military Optical Gunsight Corp.

    Has anyone heard of this company? i read one post a while back about what may be some optics from this company but they were talking about much lower priced optics. their website is They have scopes that are in the $2,000-$7,000 range. my question is, and my...
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    Counter Sniper Scopes

    Would appreciate any info about the Counter Sniper brand of scopes.Quality,performance,etc.
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    Rifle Scopes Counter Sniper Scopes???

    Has anyone heard of, or used one of them? I did a search on the forum, but did not find any threads regarding them. Thanks, JH
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    Rifle Scopes Counter Sniper scopes??????

    Has anyone used one of these Counter Sniper Scopes? if you go to there site they have these scopes that retail for 3,000.00 to 5,000.00 dollars but then they have what they call "over runs" that are like 399.00 to 499.00 etc.. Is this some sort of scam company trying to push "chinese" made...