1. atek3

    AI AT Build, first long-range rifle

    I got my start shooting 14 years ago with a CMP M1 Garand. After I started outshooting the M1, I paid a small fortune (for a 20 year old college student) for a Mac Tilton to build me a Tikka Master Sporter with front and rear aperture sights. I shot that for several years until I switched to...
  2. C

    300 to 600 yard performance

    Currently I have a .260 and 300WSM set up for longer range target and hunting applications. I have a decent stockpile of 6.5 bullets and powders and the majority of parts needed for a 6.5 CM bolt gun build. The majority of threads I have gone thru have stated that 24in is the minimum most...
  3. Moof

    6.5 creedmore or 6.5+47

    Can't make up my mind here! I'm wantin to build a target rifle off of a 700 short action in a AI stock and cant deside on a 6.5 creedmore or a 6.5+47. Neither round do I know much about but do know the creedmore is a new round while being very simular. Wantin to through lead around the 140 gr...