1. pkt1199

    GAP 10 - Crimp?

    I will be loading for a GAP 10 someday when the wait is up - but was curious if those doing so already are crimping? Also if anyone has input on a good die set for 6.5CM I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Tactical30

    Crimp or not to crimp?

    New to reloading and I was wondering if you crimp .223 AR-15 ammo? I read in the Speer book I got with the Rock Chucker Set and it read "always crimp if loading for semi-autos" but I heard guys never crimp their .223 AR ammo. So what to do crimp or no crimp?
  3. J

    Loading for AR-10 How much to crimp?

    This is my first attempt at loading to a semi auto. I have a lee factory crimp die. How do I know if I am crimping the correct amount? How much does the crimp effect accuracy?
  4. P

    Crimp question

    I think I know this but want to check and be sure. I do NOT need to crimp .308 when used in a bolt rifle- correct? Jim
  5. J

    should I crimp or not

    first time loading rifle ammo some say crimp and some say no crimp. what do yall think ?
  6. Johncalloway

    22-250 Do I crimp

    I bought a set of 22-250 dies and started reloading. The dies are the forester benchrest dies. The seater die does not crimp, do I need another die for crimping? Thanks. ps. Also how much of the bullet should I make sure is pressed into the shell. I am trying to seat it .020 thousands off my...
  7. 6

    Crimp on heavy magnums

    I just picked up a Rem 700P in 300 RUM( its at the shop getting a muzzle brake and trigger job) I do all my own reloading and have for 30years since I was a private in the USMC, anyhow this is my first magnum and I would like to know what typw of crimp you guys use and what tool do you use to...
  8. N

    Lake City brass - what do I need to remove crimp?

    I've got a Lee Anniversary kit on the way and will be reloading primarily once-fired Lake City brass. What, exactly, do I need to do to the crimped in primer?
  9. Jumper

    Whats the best way to remove primer pocket crimp

    I've got a bunch of 5.56 cases that need to be de-crimped. I figure the best way is with the Dillon Primer Pocket swager but I'm not ready to spend that much yet. RCBS makes a die that swages the primer pocket, anyone have any experience with it? Is it easy, hard slow ...? Also Forster...