1. malaga2

    CZ452 Varmint

    Finally think that Ive got this rifle set up the way I want it... Gemtech Outback II suppressor and US Optic ST10 glass. Absolutely the dogs bollocks
  2. S

    cz452 help please

    hello guys im new to this forum so heres me saying hello , great forum . i have a cz 452-2e zkm american i have a 16inch screwcut barrel but i have the varmint barrel on mine . i always thought that the american had the thinner barrel . i have been looking for a nice Piccatiny rail for my gun...
  3. C

    Anyone have a CZ452 and a Falcon 4-14 FFP?

    Trying to get a feel for rings...what are you guys using for make/model/height? Any pics I'd sure appreciate them! Thanks!