1. T

    Decent ECONOMICAL 308 bullet for 100-500 yards

    Looking for something I can use to practice on the cheap with my m1a. However I have resisted buying anything ugly like the PRVI or anything like that as I dont plink with my 308- too expensive. The cz 452 in 22lr is for that kind of relaxed practice. Currently using the 150 grain hornady FMJBT...
  2. S

    Hunting & Fishing Decent O/U Shotgun

    Looking to get into my first O/U. Hope to get into the most reliable one for under $800. Suggestions??
  3. Veer_G

    Rifle Scopes Decent optics replacement suggestions for M-76?

    Title explains it all. I'm looking for a good suggestion other than the Yugo issue optics, but keeping the mount. Recommend 1" tube decent quality optics with mildots for medium to long range, and yes, I recognize the shortcomings of the platform itself.
  4. C

    Help me build a decent 308 out of a 700 VS 22-250

    I would really appreciate suggestions on how to go about building a good shooting 308 on a budget. I will be using my rem 700 VS 22-250 to build from. It has an HS Precision stock which i bedded many years ago with steel bed i believe it was. Suggestions on how you would go about turning it...
  5. Ghogs Nightmare

    Nosler 168's ...decent price

    In case anyone is interested: .