1. GenericBadGuy

    Reloading Equipment Reloading Stuff, Dies, Riflekuhl, AK, SKS, XDm mags, DAA Muffs, DAA powder die, Lee Load All 20ga, Barrel Vise, Hornady Bullt Feder, Bullets Goodstuff

    For sale a lot of misc. stuff: Prices reduced - already sold stuff listed below pics. 4. New set of 5 DAA Large Rifle Primer Tubes -$15 5. New Dillon Precision 1050 Super .22-250 Conversion kit - $100 9. New Hornady Custom Grade Dies .223 Win Mag - $20 10. RCBS Primer Pocket Swage Tool 2 - $25...
  2. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Dillon Parts, .223 Dies, MDT mags

    Up for sale: 1. New Dillon Small Rifle Case feeder plate - $40 2. New Dillon 1050/rl1100 Conversion kit .22-250 -$160 3. New MDT Poly/Metal Magazine - Short Action 10rnd 308 - $old each (want to sell together) 4. New Redding Deluxe Die Set - .223 Remington $old 5. New Hornady Custom Grade Dies...
  3. earthquake

    Reloading Equipment FOUND: Arbor Seating Dies

    Found, thanks. Looking to get some arbor seating dies in .223 or .308 or 6mm BR even, if anyone has any they're looking to move. Micrometer or not, I'm not picky. TiA
  4. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTB 6 Dasher Dies

    Looking for 6 Dasher preferably Redding type s bushing dies and Seater Die
  5. mateofeo85

    Reloading Equipment Reloading Dies For Sale - ALL SOLD

    I've got some dies collecting dust under my bench that I would love to move along to someone that can use them. All dies in rectangular boxes will be shipped (CONUS only) using USPS flat rate boxes. One rectangular die box fits in a small flat rate = $8 shipped; two to six rectangular die boxes...
  6. Safety_3rd

    Reloading Equipment 300blk, 6.5, dies, berger 338, berger 7mm 195

    For sale: ** Sold pending funds to Chutin** 200 berger EOL 7mm 195 gr -$65 per hundred 24 berger 338 Cal 300 gr- $24 ** Sold pending funds to KJMD*** Lee ultimate 6.5 Creedmoor dies - $75 Lee 300 acc blackout dies -$42 Hornady 300 blackout dies- $40 Shipping is $9 for priority 2-3 day. I can...
  7. Mcm984

    Mandrel dies

    Anyone had any problems with 21st Century mandrels? Specifically ordered 2. One being for 6.5 CM and one in .270. Both came and both were .010 under what was ordered. They were stamped correctly but actual size according to calipers was .010 under. I’m pretty bummed after reading in countless...
  8. D

    220 Swift

    I have some 220 Swift RCBS dies I’m looking to sell. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=402639762521&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  9. Cosmic338

    Shoulder Bump Help

    I’m new to reloading and I’m soon going to start reloading some .338 Lapua and I read about neck sizing and bumping the shoulders back. I know the neck sizing is done on a single die, but is there a die specifically for shoulder bump? Or is it bumped with a FL sizing die? I’m just lost on this.
  10. jackdesert

    Reloading Equipment SOLD ALL 7mm Rem Mag Hornady Once Fired and Virgin Brass, and Lee Standard Dies,

    For sale: SOLD ( slightly < or > than ) 200 pieces of once fired Hornady 7mm Rem Mag brass along with 44 pieces of unmolested brass with CCI 250 primers from the same lot. About 40 pieces of the once-fired brass are from some factory Hornady ammo (gold primers ). $120 SOLD 7mm Hornady 180...
  11. dukerugger25

    Reloading Equipment Sold - 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady Full Length Die Set (Match Bushing)

    I sold my 6.5 CRM and am now selling the die set - Full Length. This is a Hornady Match Grade Bushing 2-Die Set – asking $60.
  12. dukerugger25

    Reloading Equipment Sold - 6 Creedmoor Hornady Dies

    Selling the reloading components that I had purchased for a 6mm Creedmoor build that will not be coming together after all. All components are new and unopened. 6CRM Hornady Match Grade Dies $70 TYD
  13. L

    Reloading Equipment SOLD- Redding Type S dies 6 Creedmoor

    Used Redding Type S sizing and seating dies for 6 Creedmoor. Good condition. $125 shipped with tracking. I take PayPal F&F.
  14. Curahee19

    Reloading Equipment Reloading room cleanup

    Hey guys got a bunch of stuff to sell some have not been used at all some have been used just a little FORSTER FULL LENGTH SIZING DIE 6 dasher 6xc 260 rem 308 338 lapua mag FORSTER MICROMETER BULLET SEATER 260 rem 6.5 creedmoor 308 338 lap Pair it with any full length sizer and I’ll give a...
  15. no#impact


    6xc Redding Type S Match Bushing 2-Die Set with bushing. asking $225 shipped. Feel free to message me and I can text you pictures. For some reason my phone isn't allowing me to post pictures. thanks
  16. J

    new to reloading: Lee deluxe die set, what else do i need in terms of die? (.308)

    Hi i know a fair bit from research but there are some things im unclear on. im looking at a lee deluxe set to reload ammunition for a bolt action remmy. (single stage press) im not interested in peoples opinion on the make, im putting a set up on a budget so please no just stating hornady or...
  17. Six Feet Under

    What 300 win mag dies to buy?

    Fellers, I am having a 300 win mag built right now, it's alomost done and I need to get some dies. I have never reloaded for a win mag. I was wondering what dies you guys are using? And are you guys messing around with neck tension with the win mag? I was eye balling another set of redding...
  18. P

    Buying what I need to reload .308 but what dies?

    Wow, there are so many different dies for .308 and I am lost. I am going to reload for myself because factory ammo is so expensive and honestly not impressing me with accuracy. Should I get a FL sizing die or just neck sizer? I am planning on loading to a COAL. I have a caliper. Whats a good...
  19. JRose

    6.5 Creedmoor dies

    I'll be in need of some dies soon for the Creedmoor. Any suggestions, or is the ones Creedmoor Sports the only ones available?
  20. BgBmBoo

    Epander ball or not? Redding S dies

    I bought my first set of Redding dies to use for my 6XC loads. I am bit confused on whether to use the expander ball or not? Take care,Stan