1. N

    New to the Tremor3 reticle

    Hide-- I recently got a NF NX8 2.5-20 for my 6.5 Grendel hunting rig. The reticle is Tremor3, which I have not had before. Does anyone out there run a TRM3 with a 6.5 grendel and roughly a 20 inch barrel? If so, could someone explain what the windage dots represent for the caliber and what mil...
  2. S

    Accessories Timney AR15 Competition trigger 3lb, $110 free shipping

    For sale: Timney AR15 Competition trigger 3lb Standard curve Small pin Used condition, Works perfectly $110 including shipping
  3. srv656s

    Rifle Scopes So let's say I drop my NXS scope... (I did)

    I transferred my NXS scope from my 700P to my new GAP rifle this last weekend. I unscrewed the rings from the base, but left the rings on the scope. I placed the scope on the new rifle and got behind it in the prone position to test eye relief. I moved it back and forth a little and then decided...
  4. kyle

    Range Report Velocity Drop With Muzzle Brake

    I just had a Badger FTE brake installed on my 24" .308. I really like the feel of the gun now. The brake has really tamed the "rifle hop" I was fighting previously. I was curious as to the velocity effect on my rounds. I'm running 155 Scenars and Lapua brass, 47.1 gr Varget, BR2 primers. Rounds...
  5. wjwill

    Range Report Figuring your bullet drop for a dope card???

    I went to buy a scope dope today and the guy told me to shoot 3 rounds at each distance on the card. then take the average of each shot at each range and use that for my dope. Am I being fed bullshit here? Can someone explain how they figure a scope dope car?
  6. mr_hurricane


    Hello All, Thought I'd share this story. 2 Weeks ago I recieved my first real precision rifle. I had thought about having one made by a real gunsmith for sometime, and eventually decided on an M40A3 as I am an former Marine... why not right. After about a month of research I decide that this...
  7. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes ***That Hensoldt Drop Video ***

    Here is the video I shot a while ago where I dropped the Harbinger and the Hensoldt 3-12X56FF off the top of the Kill House. The initial drop was messed up as I switched rings and apparently didn't tighten them down all the way, so I felt it wasn't 100%, but after looking at it I decided to...
  8. H

    Interesting Drop comparison--Standard vs. HV

    In my gun the difference in Wolf ME 40 gr lead @ 1058 fps and Federal American Eagle 40 gr lead @ 1248 fps. 50 yard zero on both. All drop data in SMOA (inches @ 100 yds) Distance .... Wolf ... Fed AE 100 yards .... 7.25 .... 5.75 150 yards ... 16.50 ... 13.25 200...
  9. P

    Remington 700 factory drop mag

    Hello all, I apologize if this has been asked already... I tried search to no avail. Are the Remington 700 actions used in rifles with factory drop mag bottom metal the same as 700 ADL and BDL actions? Just wondering if another DBM system like the BO M5 or Seekins DBM can still be used with...
  10. J

    Amount of drop for a .450 BC .30 cal bullet?

    Any ideas on the amount of drop for a .30 cal bullet with BC of .450 traveling at 2600fps? Specifically, what will the drop be (with a 100 yard center) at 200 and 300 yards? Also, will the bullet remain supersonic at 1k yards? Thanks!
  11. Target07

    Suppressors Drop Holster for Walther P22 w/ Tac-52 Suppressor

    As the title states. I am looking to find a drop holster for my Walther P22 w/ or w/o suppressor and laser module. Any help would be appreciated. For what it is worth the only holster I have found for it is a Fobus belt holster.