1. T

    Rifle Scopes Help finding scope/muzzle cover

    I am just getting into higher end optics and want to protect them, where can I find a scope cover with muzzle attachment? It seems as though Blackhawk and Voodoo Tactical have discontinued their line.
  2. T

    finding the best remington .308 set up?

    Hello all, Iam interested in getting a remington .308 for deer season as well as hunting hogs. I would like to see some great set ups as well as detail in what you have and how much everything was. Ill be hog hunting a bunch, but from distances such as 400 yards maybe even further from my...
  3. libertyman777

    Need some help finding a particular rifle.

    Guys, I've looked everywhere I can think of to look and I can't locate the pic of the rifle I saw. I think the rifle was a Savage with a very distinctive paint job. It was one of the "do it yourself" jobs but the color scheme was awesome. It was black with copper and tan color highlights...
  4. M

    Finding the right barrel for my Remington 700

    I just built a Remington 700 in 300 Win Mag using the SPS action/barrel on a McMillan A5 with a Horus Scope. First time at the range today. Beat the hell out of me. Well, maybe not that bad but unpleasant to fire to say the least. Think I'd like to change out the barrel for something a bit...
  5. Hawk Gunner

    Need help finding large rifle magnum primers in AL

    Im critically low on these but have plenty of others. Does anyone know of a place that has or is likely to have some? I have to go to Birmingham on Monday morning. If anybody knows a place between Mobile and Birmingham to look I'd sure appreciate the tip. Heck if its within a 3.5 hr drive of...
  6. Johncalloway

    Help finding a thread on stocks

    I saw it about a week ago but I can't remember where. It was about the differences in the a3, a4, a5's.
  7. T

    Finding Primers

    Looking for 1000 or? or Federal Gold Medal 210M or CCI BR2's anyone have a lead to where they can be found in stock? Thanks