1. GoferDog

    Sako p94s stock question

    Gday guys, I would like to know if the p94 action will work in a stock with the Quad/Finnfire II inlet. The reason for this is that McMillan have discontinued in letting for the p94 and to have it done here is proving to be difficult. Would really like to save the varmint stock. Thanks (I...
  2. beenjammin

    SAKO FinnFire 22lr

    I got a remington 40, but I just saw a sako finnfire and it sure looks like it gives the 40x a runn for the money. How do these sakos perform?
  3. A

    Manners or McMillan for Finnfire?

    Guys: I've been following the Quad trainer threads etc with interest. I have a Finnfire varmint which I'm considering giving similar treatment. Is the Sako quad inlet sufficiently similar to alter to the Finnfire footprint or do either of the big Ms inet specifically for the Finnfire action? Any...
  4. wksinatl

    my Sako FinnFire

    Shot the FF this morning in the backyard. It was only 50yds. I shot over the Oehler and averaged 1033fps. 70 degrees and no wind. I pilar bedded it and mounted a MK 4 (4.5-14x-40mm) using a RT 20moa rail and Warne rings. The trigger breaks clean at 14oz. Yes, it passed the "bounce test")...
  5. mako

    Sako Quad/P94 Finnfire 8 Oz. Trigger Service?

    Saw the ad on for a $40.00 service out of KY. Anyone had the job done? Any thoughts?
  6. wksinatl

    Rifle Scopes Nikon BuckMaster for FinnFire???

    I have decided to buy a new BuckMaster for a Sako FinnFire. I'm convinced of the optical quality but have a few questions on the knobs. I need a scope w/ target knobs for this rifle. We shoot from 25yds to 300yds and need repeatable adjustments. I have (or have had) Leupold MK 4's, USO's, and...
  7. wksinatl

    rail for Sako FinnFire??? update Thanks HotRod9mm

    Just ordered a rail from HotRodd9mm for a CZ. He said the rail was"iffy" fitting a Sako FinnFire, might fit, might not. Who does make a 20moa rail for a FinnFire? thanks, Keith
  8. R

    Price check on a Sako Finnfire Varmint-- [email protected]

    Because my 40X has come in I need room in my safe. The FinnFire Varmint might be the one making room. How much is this worth in good condition with Simmons steel rings and 2 five round mags? Cannot sell at snipers hide due to lack of posts. for sale at