1. J

    FN Ballista Light Primer Strike

    I recently got an FN Ballista chambered in 338 Lapua. I have shot around 150 rounds through it, and all of the sudden I am beginning to have light primer strikes.(using federal 215's) I've checked all of the usual suspects such as dirty firing pin, headspace issues, primer seating depth, etc. I...
  2. ElitePW

    Rifle Scopes What Spuhr mount for SCAR 17 with a NF ATACR and a Pulsar Trail 2?

    Does anyone know what Spuhr mount to use on a SCAR 17 with a Nightforce ATACR 4-16x50? Also, is there a Spuhr mount that will work with the Pulsar Trail 2 LRF? Lastly, I’m also looking for best way to mount a red dot when the Pulsar is mounted on the gun.
  3. W


    FN SCAR 17S in excellent condition (<200 rds through it) with one 20rd magazine. I'm the original/only owner. => $2,800 SOLD Pending Funds 3 more new 20rd magazines available => $35/mag SOLD Pending Funds If we cannot meet face-to-face then buyer covers shipping.
  4. MrDogtor

    SCAR17 vs KAC SR25 E2 CC (ACC)

    I do not currently own anything that occupies the role of "battle rifle" or "heavy carbine". With election season fast approaching, I've decided it is time to make a purchase. I am looking for something that is relatively light weight, can be used for mid-sized game hunting and self-defense...
  5. Jay5oh

    FNH A3G / FNH SPR-USG FBI Contract Rifle Info

    Lets say I had a FN A3G and wanted to clone the USG version the FBI purchased. Does anyone know the scope, rings, bipod and sling that would be correct for this rifle in the 2005 era? Scope: I believe Leupold MK4's were very popular then. Apparently discontinued now... Rings: Badger, Leupold...
  6. P

    WTT NIB SCAR 17s BLK for 17s in FDE

    OOPS, my mistake.
  7. lowlight

    Nra life of duty: Frontlines episode 8

    NRA LIFE OF DUTY: FRONTLINES EPISODE 8 NRA Life of Duty presented by Brownells and FNH USA have teamed up to bring you a brand new report from the Frontlines of Israel. Since it's founding, enemies have surrounded Israel. That fact pervades every sector of the culture, with every young man and...
  8. SFC Carpentier jr

    FNH USA - Leupold match

    The FNH USA - Leupold Long Range Competition will be held at FT Meade Maryland, on 01-05 JUN 09. For more information on the match click on the link below. Leupold