Reloading Equipment ***SOLD*** WTS: Giraud Annealer Dual-Flame unit and/or with Annie Induction conversion

    Gauging interest: I have a Giraud Annealing machine, that I converted to induction with an Annie Induction annealer and several work coils. I have all the wheels to handle every caliber or most calibers: .223 .308/6.5CM .338 Lapua .50 BMG Currently set up as an induction annealer and works...
  2. Twisted

    Reloading Equipment Giraud Power Trimmer setup in 223 ***SOLD***

    ***SOLD*** Been sitting on the shelf in my reloading room (extra room in house) collecting dust for a few years. I barely have the time to shoot any more let alone reload. I've got plenty of prepped brass for when the day comes that I can get back at it but for now this should go to a home that...
  3. skulldragr17


    Giraud Power Case Trimmer -$400 shipped Slightly used; in perfect condition Comes with cutter head and blade; 308, 6XC and 6BR case holders.
  4. beenjammin

    Giraud Power Trimmer question.. lengthy

    Sorry for the lengthy paragraph, I was not intending on writing a book, but I am a little frustrated and need you guy's help... again. Ok, I got in my giraud trimmer and love it, but I also use redding competition dies for my .308. The die set came with a body die, neck sizer/decapper, and a...
  5. WolverineAtWork

    Giraud vs Dillon trimmer

    If you had your choice and money wasn't an issue, which would you buy?
  6. BWYoda

    Giraud for precision?

    So here's the deal guys. Thinking of dropping some coin on a Giraud as there seems to be little question that it's THE trimmer out there, but my question is how does it stack up against the others when trimming for competition loads in terms if fine adjustment of neck length? I've heard from a...
  7. GUNNER75

    .243 Win, RCBS Comp Dies, Giraud Trimmer

    Just ran into this tonight, thought I would see if anyone else has. Full length sized and deprimed 500 plus .243 cases last night. Got home this evening, thought I better get after it again. Tossed 1/2 of them in the tumbler, and deceided to set up the Giraud. Got the Giraud set up and...
  8. T

    Giraud trimmer question

    I have recently found a Giraud and I am having a slight problem If I trim new or FLS brass it trims easy If i try to NK size fire formed brass it wont slide down to the trimmer to trim it Any advice