1. B

    Cerakote Ideas - Gimme!

    I am going to take my upper/lower/handguard to get cerakoted tomorrow but I am stuck on ideas. Originally thought of doing a titanium blue but have since changed my mind to something more "grey." Trouble is, I don't know if I want to go with a solid color or do some sort of "urban camo" type of...
  2. RollingThunder51

    Photos Grey Ghost

    Recreated Lile Grey Ghost by Martin. Story here .
  3. RollingThunder51

    Suppressors Old Grey Ghost

    This is my old Jimmy Lile "Grey Ghost". You rarely see good Lile's for sale and almost never see a "Grey Ghost". Back when seat belts weren’t mandatory, there were few choices for those who depended in part on their knife. It was a relatively short list with Kbar, Randall, Lile, Cordovas...
  4. K

    Tactical Grey Cerakote Scope, barreled action & M4

    Here's a pic of my .243 recently coated. I just bought this Tactical Grey from NIC and I like it a lot. Wityh the C-series you can mix the colors to make any color/shade you want. I've mixed Grey and OD Green, which looks like a real dark Grey OD Green... it's pretty bad ass. This is Tactical...