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    POI shift Over the barrel Suppressor M40A5 FA762SS / PSR7 MK1 16" & PSR5, MK12 Mod H & AEM5

    We took 3 exemplary rifles and 4 exemplary cans to the range to test POI shift at 100yds. All the rifles did well. The measured group sizes and shifts from the video notes are copied below. Especially interesting to me was the M40A5 / FA762SS as oddly no POI data existed that I was aware of...
  2. vegashelipilot

    Accessories Griffin SPRM 2 34mm Scope Mount with Flat Mount plate

    Griffin SPRM 2 Scope Mount with AIS Flat Mount plate / pic rail 34mm 15 moa cantilever 1.335" height $190 shipped paypal f/f

    Suppressors Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™ Suppressor Launch Today

    DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™ SUPPRESSOR The Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™ suppressor is a high durability, low flash, high performance, compact, lightweight suppressor. It provides very high sound reduction on short and long barrel 5.56mm duty rifles. This suppressor is a tube over construction...
  4. vegashelipilot

    SOLD Griffin SPRM 34mm 1.18" scope mount

    FS: Griffin Armament SPRM 34mm Scope Mount 1.18" height 0 moa $150 shipped *Sold

    Suppressors Introducing the EZ-LOK™ System!

    Griffin Armament is proud to present you with the latest QD piston system, EZ-LOK™! We've put together a comparison video for you that goes over the Griffin CAM-LOK® system vs the new EZ-LOK™ system vs tradition piston attachment systems. The Griffin Armament EZ-LOK™ is our new...

    Suppressors Griffin Armament EXPLORR® Gen 2 suppressors are here!

    Griffin Armament was a technology innovator in tubeless silencer design, developing the first commercially available tubeless suppressors in the US in 2010. Early Gate-Lok™ cans like the M4SD2 and M4SD as well as the first-generation Recce cans were tubeless designs. Tubeless designs are...

    Suppressors Introducing the GP-N™️ (A2 attachable 5.56mm) Suppressor!!!

    CLICK HERE! To see the NEW GP-N™️ (A2 attachable 5.56mm) Suppressor! Griffin’s new GP-N™ (A2 attachable 5.56mm) suppressor is a robust, dedicated 5.56mm suppressor which provides secure fitment to common A2 compensator. The A2 compensator is a familiar muzzle device to nearly all AR15...

    New, Gen 2 LOW-PRO-RIGID™ rails, M-LOK compatible Rails!

    CLICK HERE! To look at the new Griffin LOW-PRO-RIGID™ rails! Griffin Armament® M-LOK compatible LOW-PRO-RIGID™ rails have been re-engineered to offer a user friendly installation while continuing to provide a slim, low profile, ultralight, yet rigid handguard that past users have loved...
  9. R

    Gunsmithing Swapped scope mounts, now my elevation tops out. Help!

    Hello all its my first post, wasn't sure if this pertains to Gunsmithing since its just a mount swap but here we go. I have an AR10 that I swapped out mounts from a Leupold AR mount with no cant to a Griffin Armament cantilever SPRM2 15moa cant. I mounted it myself and torqued all the fastners...

    Suppressors New Optimus® 9mm - Universal Suppressor (Gen 2)

    The new Optimus features a considerable amount of enhancements and upgrades. Please check out the video and the web page for more details! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO Gen 1 users will be able to upgrade to the new ECO-FLOW™ baffles if they desire to for ~$125.00. This service will be...

    Suppressors New Silencer! Bushwhacker 46 (Gen2) with ECO-FLOW™ technology!

    Whats up guys, Hope you're all enjoying your summer. We've been working hard at bringing this project to market the last several months. The team crushed it. This product is really amazing. If you have any questions feel free to drop them below and let us know what your thoughts / comments...

    Suppressors DWELL TIME PODCAST EPISODE 27 - Silencers 101: Sound Testing UPDATE

    Griffin Armament Founder and product designer, Austin Green, joins us for this episode where was go in-depth on the integration of our B&K Pulse system, testing standards, system parameters, and all that went in to getting up and running with the new system. Austin is a subject matter expert in...
  13. powderBurnz

    Suppressors New To Suppressors, persuade me away from AAC.

    I just got my trust setup. I just got a 51t for my rem700AACSD and I just got another 51t perm'd on my 556/ar15. However I have not yet thrown down cash for a 762SDN6. And I am reading and hearing about how inconsistent these are and how nasty the mounting is. Is this all just biased here...
  14. TXBodean

    Suppressors Griffin Armament "Beast" Suppressor For 338LM

    Finally got my stamp and picked up "The Beast" for some sighting in. I was a little concerned at first that without the TRG-42 Muzzle Brake that extended shooting sessions would be a thing of the past but "The Beast" tamed the recoil almost as well as the OEM brake. Of course it weighs a ton, so...
  15. HPLLC

    Griffin Armament NTOA Approved Products-

    We sent a few of our products to the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) for testing and approval last year. Our M4SD II flash Comp rated a perfect 5 with multiple evaluators and received the NTOA Gold seal of approval. As far as I know that might be the second product ever to...