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Griffin Armament is proud to present you with the latest QD piston system, EZ-LOK™! We've put together a comparison video for you that goes over the Griffin CAM-LOK® system vs the new EZ-LOK™ system vs tradition piston attachment systems.



The Griffin Armament EZ-LOK™ is our new patent-pending, separate eco-system, separately available, simplified, universal Rapid Index™, piston system. This product was intended to provide a simple solution with zero training or familiarity requirement for customers.

Direct thread single-piece pistons have several negative attributes. They do not accept tools and are hand tightened to the host firearm. As a result of hand installation, they loosen when the piston system reciprocates under slide cycling during the firing sequence. This vibration and inadvertent loosening of pistol silencers require end-users to constantly check tighten pistol silencers. This periodically causes legacy direct thread piston users to have "bad range days" with unforeseen baffle strikes and end cap strikes. These unfortunate events cause logistically burdensome work for consumers to communicate with service departments, ship products back and forth, and sometimes assume charges for repair for these issues. No longer do users need to worry about their pistol suppressors loosening during use (as with traditional fixed direct thread pistons).

The Griffin Armament EZ-LOK™ interface affords the user the ability to convert the suppressor to a faster and more secure mounting solution on browning style action (tilt barrel) pistols vs its legacy technology, single piece, direct thread piston counterparts. Total system weight is identical to legacy direct thread pistons. The EZ LOK™ tilt barrel (browning style action) application consists of two parts, the piston and the barrel adapter.

The EZ-LOK™ system supports a 3/4" socket wrench for installation with prevailing torque and features a sealing alignment taper, which encourages secure attachment, despite the piston still actuating fore and aft during the firing sequence. The female portion of the system (piston, direct thread adapter, or silencer interface) can be attached/detached in one single mounting orientation, simplifying the system to something anyone who can screw in a lightbulb can immediately grasp. Additionally, the manufacturing accuracy of the interface is held to Griffin Armament's high quality standards for squareness, and concentricity, ensuring that each mounting position has similar and minimal POI shift influence. To support this, the mating pistons have all mating diameters and interfacing geometry qualified in a single operation, for tool quality accuracy and perfection. A similar manufacturing theory was applied to the barrel adapter for maximum alignment accuracy.

When using EZ-LOK™ for tilt barrel applications, end-users benefit from being able to attach their silencer to various adapter interfaced host firearms, without having to disassemble the suppressor and change the piston to a different thread pitch. The EZ-LOK™ pistons are "universal"; accommodating any pistol mounted with an EZ-LOK™ barrel adapter. Additionally, end-users with different brand suppressors supported by the EZ-LOK™ piston family, will be able to benefit from the interchangeability of EZ-LOK™ barrel adapters between piston models.

EZ-LOK™ can also be used on fixed barrel applications using the EZ-LOK™ barrel adapter in conjunction with either a Direct Thread to EZ-LOK® Universal Adapter or one of the EZ-LOK® Silencer Mount Interface options.

  • Patent Pending EZ-LOK™ universal QD piston attachment system
  • 1 Mounting orientation, for simple mounting in approximately 4-5 seconds
  • Internal taper surface locks in place with interfacing barrel adapters and drastically reduces or eliminates common baffle/end cap strikes
  • H900 heat-treated for improved durability and wear resistance
  • 17-4 stainless steel material
  • QPQ Nitride finish for attractive, durable black finish
    • EZ-LOK™ Barrel Adapters
    • EZ-LOK™ Direct Thread Adapters
    • EZ-LOK™ Silencer Mount Interface options
    • EZ-LOK™ Carry Compensators)

EZ-LOK™ Barrel Adapter Thread Pitch Options: MSRP: $54.95
  • 1/2x28 (9mm or lesser)
  • 1/2x28 Special (9mm or lesser)
  • 1/2x28 SMG/PCC (9mm or lesser)
  • 5/8x24 (9mm or lesser) (available soon)
  • .578x28 (.45 cal or lesser)
  • 9/16x24 (.40 cal or lesser)
  • 13.5x1mm LH (9mm or lesser)
  • 16x1mm LH (45cal or lesser)
  • 16x1mm RH (45cal or lesser)
EZ-LOK™ Piston Options: MSRP: $74.00
  • Griffin Armament (all silencers)
  • SilencerCo*/Rugged/Dead Air (Odessa)/OSS Rad 9 & 45
  • Dead Air (Ghost & Wolfman)
  • AAC (Tirant-45/M)
  • CGS
  • SilencerCo Osprey
  • Sig SRD
Direct Thread to EZ-LOK® Universal Adapter Options: MSRP: $79.00
  • 1/2x28
  • 5/8x24
EZ-LOK® Silencer Mount Interface Options: (available soon)
  • 1.125x28 (Griffin Pistol Booster Housing)
  • 1.295x24 (Griffin Pistol Tube Body)
  • 1.375x24 (Bushwhacker 46, industry HUB)
EZ-LOK® Carry Compensator Options: (available soon)
  • 9mm
  • .45 cal
More information about the EZ-LOK™ system can be found at

For the fastest system, choose CAM-LOK®. For the most simple system, choose EZ-LOK™.
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  • I was very frustrated with my Obsidian 45 walking off loose on my Glock after a few rounds. My first day out, I had an end-cap strike as a result. I tried teflon tape and it worked for about one mag. Quite frankly, I was stunned that this was not being addressed in the industry.

    I purchased your CAM-LOK system and WOW! You guys instantly became my heroes. I can go to the range and pump many mags through, banging steel with no worries about my can loosening. Thanks for innovating this long overdue solution!
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    Jul 29, 2021
    I am definitely going to be purchasing this for my pistol cans.
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    We recommend Cam-Lok be check tightened every two fifteen round mags. I appreciate your feedback though the system works better than this conservative recommendation, and EZ Lok is the more secure of the two systems albeit a little slower.
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