1. M

    Custom .308 Plinker on Savage Action - Guide and Request for Input

    Hey everyone! I am building a custom rifle. Highly considering a Savage stainless target action for my starting point. I have done a LOT of research to date, and have trolled these boards quite a bit. I figure that I will go ahead and make a thread in the hopes of refining my plan and...
  2. T

    M40A3 build guide

    I know a lot of people are building them, so where is the thread? Terry
  3. R

    Wolf MT from sportsmans guide

    Purchased 1k rounds from them, good price but........ all the boxes came loose and 6 mixed lots codes. I shoot these at ARA100 hope they shoot somewhat alike. Be careful when you order from them rb
  4. cletuskasady

    Gunsmithing Bore Guide AI AWM

    guys, searched with no success. looking for a bore guide for my AI AWM 300 win mag. bought a couple from mike lucas in the past, but he doesn't respond to e-mails or answer his phone anymore. Any suggestions.
  5. RidgeRebel

    bore guide for AR

    Hey guys Sorry to beat a dead horse but I need a good bore guide for my AR 5.56. I don't exactly know how they work. I bought a universal bore guide that had 3 tips for it but none of them actually go all the way into the chamber. What kind do I need? Thanks in advance for your comments.
  6. W

    We need an M4A03 build guide

    I think we need an M4A03 build guide the same as M4A01. What do you guys think? I just came into a few parts and am getting interested in continuing the build. Lets get the ball rolling boys. I just came into an untouched 5 digit Rem. 700 SA and it's going on it. Maybe there is this topic...
  7. C

    FN AR muzzle guide

    Looking for a cleaning rod guide for the new FN AR heavy barrel .308 not having any luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Michael Victor

    GAP Builder Symbol Guide...

    (Sorry if this has been asked before, I know this info is somewhere on this site but after searching I still can't find it!) George, can you give us a rundown of what which builder is using which colored dot stickers? and what are each of your symbols? Thanks, Michael -a very happy GAP Customer.
  9. L

    M40a1 build guide

    Well a couple of you have asked for a build guide for our M40a1 take off stocks. I am building an accurate clone, and learning as I go. I am by no means an expert, but I'm trying to find the right information just like many of you. Please post if it directly pertains to a the topic at hand or...