1. G

    Gunsmithing not happy with my bedding job

    Tonight, I was bedding my Remington SPS tac into a McMillan stock that had pillars installed. Had everything prepped nice, applied the devcon, and inserted the action. I taped the action tightly into the stock in two places, near the tang and recoil lug. 4 hours later I removed the action to...
  2. coulthard_west

    Maggie’s happy birthdat AMERICA

    today is our great nations birthday, lets all celebrate by going out to the range today and firing off at least 20 rounds for AMERICA.
  3. rickcis

    Range Report UPDATE!! Newbie Range Report REAL Happy Guy

    Weather - 42 degrees - Sunny .308 Load - 39.2 IMR 4895 Primer CCI Large Rifle Bullet - Sierra Match 168 Grain Rifle - New Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 with a 10 X 42 Super Sniper Scope. EGW Rail and Burris Tactical (Low) Rings. First 50 rounds with this rifle - Sight in of scope I am real...