1. ohiogunnut

    hBN for 7mm?

    I should be receiving my new 7mm Rem Mag back from GAP in the next couple of weeks and just finished case prep on 500 pieces of brass (getting excited). I have 1000 180gr Berger VLD's and a case of RL22 ready to go and wondered if I should go the hBN route or run them naked. I have read up on it...
  2. D

    Gunsmithing Carrier media for hBn ?

    While I know some of you guys like this stuff for bullets, I was thinking that it might do well for the top latch on my Kreighoff to counter the wear on the lug wings. If I do it, whats the best way to get the stuff burnished on there? The area is not that large surface wise, so I was thinking...
  3. T

    hBN as a neck lube?

    I have been playing around with hBN as a neck lube. Seems to be much better than mica. I know its sort of expensive but I bought a pound and its more than a lifetime supply for me. Has anyone else tried it??
  4. U

    Anyone using hBN bullet coating?

    I have some bullets tumbling now in hBN. Has anyone used or using it? If so how is it doing?????