1. K

    AICS coated, Phoenix knob, Alum F-pin installed

    I recently did some work on parts to a gentlemans rifle. He had us Cerakote his black AICS skins OD Green so they'd be better for hunting. He had me install a Phoenix bolt knob so he could get extra grip on his bolt when shooting prone or with gloves on. Lastely, he had me install a aluminum...
  2. P

    Gunsmithing Max profile for Savage barrel installed with nut.

    Hi all, I apologize if these have been asked already... What is the max profile (measurement?) for a barrel that can be installed on a Savage while keeping the barrel nut? If not using the barrel nut, I would assume the barrel profile can be bigger, and would install the same way as a...
  3. D

    Gunsmithing Need three Handles installed.

    Anyone know of a smith that's good to go in the SC,NC,GA area that can solder on three 700/40x bolt handles to the bolt body. Would perfer as close to up state SC as possible. Thanks, Donald
  4. idpasteve

    Installed my Timney trigger today and found...

    apparently the build date... Kinda fitting... The Timney works exactly like the last Timney I bought- perfectly- Adjusted to 2 1/2 pounds with zero creep. And unlike the X mark- It doesn't seem to "wander" 13 oz to 1lb 15 oz! No rounds through the rifle since the swap- but after about 100...
  5. rweldon

    Gunsmithing Good place to have a Badger Bolt knob installed?

    I'm thinking of adding a Badger Tactical Bolt knob to my remington 700. Who does this service well and reasonable to boot?