1. Thanatos-Keres

    Hello from Illinois

    Hello all, I'm a guy looking to get into the nitty gritty of precision rifle sports. A longtime lurker reading and learning quite a bit off the site. A 1911 was my first firearm(in 9mm) sorry, not sorry. It's fun to shoot. But now that I got an entry level M700 set up to my liking I want to...
  2. munro783


    My name is Munro Peterson. I am new here. I am a web developer and like to play golf. I have my own company related to putters. I am very excited to join this community.
  3. Flyin Okie

    Hello all!

    Good evening everyone, Obviously I’m new here. I hope to learn some tips and tricks for shooting in general, and especially getting into longer ranges. I started out in handguns, beginning with a Crossman pellet gun when a 16 year old could buy one in Oregon 😉 From there I went into center fire...
  4. M

    Photos Just an introduction and a few pictures.

    FN SPR A2 .300wsm Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 Nightforce rings Badger FTE muzzle brake 2lb trigger
  5. jason_mazzy

    Maggie’s My introduction

    Howdy my name is Jason M. I live in NC. I am medically retired military. Former US ARMY. I served in Afghanistan during OEF, directly after sep 11th 2001. I got injured, and a few years later was forced into retirement. I am hear to pick the brains of all you fine people, and see how I could...