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    Suppressors Kahr MK9

    Mini full stainless <span style="font-weight: bold">9mm</span> pistol. push button mag release 6rds in a flush fitting mag, comes with a second 7rd that sticks out but has a pinky groove. External extractor Glock type trigger, Longer travel and heavier in comparison. iron dovetailed sights dual...
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    Suppressors Kahr problems

    I bought myself a Kahr 45 CW. It has a problem where it feeds the rounds but then fails to fire. So it would be like this: 1. It fires, 2. it ejects, 3. pull trigger no fire. Each time all it takes is a chamber check and then its ready to fire again. Does anybody have a suggestion.
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    Suppressors Kahr pm9 What do you think

    This is my first post! Does anybody have any experience with these super small Kahr's? This would possibly be a back up weapon or for concealed carry. They are not cheap so I need to have an idea. I have a keltec , I just don't know if I could really depend on it if things went South. P
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    Suppressors kahr pm 45

    Anyone have or heard of any trouble with one of these, likes dislikes?