1. Seekers

    Maggie’s 1,853 metres Kill Shot Recorded in Afghanistan

    A British sniper killed a Taliban leader with the longest-ever fatal bullet shot in Afghanistan - from nearly TWO KILOMETRES away. Read more: He admits he missed the first one but was so far away, the guy didn't even know he was being...
  2. D

    Hunting & Fishing Kill a Groundhog - Feed an Eagle

    Went Groundhoggin' today with my shootin' partner John. I got dibs on the first shot and managed to drop this ol' boy with one shot @ 352 yards. Well not ten minutes later a group of Buzzards came in to the free meal. We watched and shot some video footage of the clean up crew. They hung around...
  3. Bushmaster7

    Photos 60 Kill WWII Sniper Patch

    Here is the 60 confirmed kill WWII German Sniper patch I mentioned in my reply regarding the authenticity of my patch. This came direct off of the Caracci Militaria webpage. I know him and he is a recognized expert. As you can see, this is one in good condition like mine, not cut from a uniform...
  4. Da-Law-Dawg

    Hunting & Fishing First kill with the new rig@

    Just got my first kill with my new rig. Finally got her to the range today for zeroing. After I got home, low-and-behold, this little fella made a trip from the den. After a ranged shot of 105 yards, the rest is history......
  5. D

    Fieldcraft navy snipers kill somali pirates

    web news articles said that navy snipers killed 3 somali pirates. Anybody know any more details, range, caliber any range with any caliber, shooting a pirate in a rubber boat on the open ocean is pretty frickin awesome
  6. ewoaf

    Movie Theater Rightous Kill

    great flic just saw it...wont say much to not spoil...highly recomend... de niro/pacino
  7. K

    Hunting & Fishing A Clean Quick Kill

    A real hunter at work!
  8. F

    Rifle Scopes over kill ?

    have a Nf NXS 5.5-22x56 that i had on my Barrett 82 they buyer opted not to take the optics so ihave in loose wouldit be over kill to run that on a new Crusader .308 20" BBL do i sell it and go to a 3.5-15x50 FFP
  9. mike1128

    Movie Theater Generation Kill - M40

    Thought it was pretty cool how you can see the bullet trace in the left side of the spotter as it travels and hits the first guy. And also the accuracy of the weapons and equipment used in this series. 2nd movie is just freakin hilarious at how the...
  10. S

    Hunting & Fishing Coyote Kill

    Got this coyote 1 month ago with my Rem 5R, I had just picked the 5R up on a saturday and saw this coyote on the monday after that. It ran away from me a little and then stopped turned around and faced me straight on. It was only 230 yd away. I hit it in the front of it's chest.
  11. jayjaytuner

    Movie Theater Righteous kill

    looks like its gonna be a decent movie, prob check it out friday.