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    Sig 3000bdx kill flash ideas

    Has anyone successfully installed a kill flash onto the sig kilo 3000 binoculars? The objective lens is not set back very far into the housing and there are no factory threads. Im hoping some of you will have used off the shelf options that are confirmed to fit. As a last resort I will make...
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    I think I've sand blasted my K624i with my muzzle brake

    A couple of days after getting back from the range last time I noticed that my scope objective lens had a lot of dirt and muck on it. I had covered it up with the flip up before sticking it in the bag. By the time I opened the lens cover again it had dried. Last range trip involved some prone...
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    Rifle Scopes Killflash effect on brightness - is it noticeable?

    I'm wondering about the honeycomb-style killflash attachments... if anyone uses one here, can you tell me how much it decreases the light throughput of your scope (not scientifically measuring it, but more like how it feels to your eye)? Is it noticeable at all, at high magnification, etc...
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    Rifle Scopes Killflash Question

    Is there any reason not to paint the facse of a killflash? I just want to make sure it did'nt need to be black inside the honeycomb to reduce the amount of light lost.
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    Rifle Scopes KillFlash / SunGuard ARDs

    I was reading the Tenebrex site about the SunGuard (thin) ARD. It's kind of like a thin lens version of the original honeycomb killflash, but is designed to fit between the scope cap and objective lens. I have a 6-20x56 so I would need a #6, which says it leaves approx. 51mm free objective. My...