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    Redfield vs. Konus Spotting Scopes

    Does anybody here have experience with both the Konus 20-60x80 and the Redfield Rampage 20-60x80? Will one of these have better optical clarity than the other? If they both cost the same (the Konus slightly more in my case) which would you buy and why? Thank you!
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    Rifle Scopes Konus vs Falcon

    I looked through a Konus the other day at a gun show. The glass was quite nice. I think the model was something with the number 40 in it 4x16 power. It had target knobs illuminated redical and all the goodies. I hear a lot of positive about faclon menace, but i havent even looked through one...
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    Rifle Scopes Konus pro m-30 4.5-16

    I was at a gun show today and looked through a Konus pro rifle scope. I was super impressed with the glass on this scope. It was full of features as well. Anyone got one of these? whats the scoop? where can i get one? Lee